Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm not ready for this.

I knew it would come sooner or later, but I sure hoped it would be later. I'm talking of the Terrible Two's. Yes, this past week I have been in a battle. It's a battle of wills. This my 3rd time to go through the Terrible Two's with my girls, and although I feel more equipped and more determined than ever to be an early victor in this battle, I was not prepared to go down this path right now. I would much rather wait until my 16 month old is actually 2 years old. Gives me more time to prepare myself mentally and physically. I have said on more than one occasion that I do not like surprises outside of birthdays and Christmas. Believe me. This came on quickly! I was in the grocery store (of all places!) when reality struck. For the past two weeks I had convinced myself that this change in my sweet innocent 16 month old was just because she's getting her eye teeth. WRONG!! The battle is raging. But I WILL win. Just wait and see. I'm up to the challenge. And I'm thankful that God allowed Hubs and I to recognize this change for what it is. I think with our first child we didn't realize it so early. No amount of 'friendly advice' or counsel could have prepared us for that major challenge. I believe you have to experience it to really learn how to handle it. We still aren't perfect at it. I don't think we'd achieve that even if we were the Duggars. HA But by God's grace we have been able to learn from our mistakes and from the wealth of information we've received on this subject through our church and other means. Raising children (natural born transgressors - ha!) is the biggest challenge I've ever faced in my lifetime thus far. There were times I just wanted to raise the white flag of surrender. There still are times that I just cry out to God for his help -ask my kids...they look at me like I'm nuts sometimes. But more recently now, we know what we need to do and by God's grace we do it. Consistency is hard for me with 3 young kids. But I have begun praying that God will just prompt me into action at exactly the times I need to act, regardless of what is going on in my schedule. It works. I just have to obey. So, here I am in the midst of this battle, without a grip on my white flag of surrender and wearing the whole armor. I'm ready. Lord, help me!

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sandy smith said...

I understand completely!!!!Been a rough day around here with the WILLs! Since school began I do not know what has happened to my younger children! Lord Help Me!!!