Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Million Dollar Question of the Day

So, today is Saturday. Saturday is a good day around here. It's the day I get to spend with my whole family getting 'stuff' done around the house and even get to go out by myself at some point during the day to regain my sanity and run a couple of errands without anyone fighting over who gets to sit in the buggy. It was a very busy day today - cleaning, furniture hunting, cleaning some more, changing diapers, washing dishes, decluttering, dusting, vacuuming, etc. So, I finally sat down for a minute and was getting ready to check my email when the baby spotted me and realized I hadn't held her for the past 2 minutes (which is a long time to her, evidently) and started crying. So, I picked her up and she was pointing at a book about airplanes and saying, "This" meaning "I want you to read this to me." Email forgotten, I began reading to her. Enter Middle Child. "Mommy, what do Mommies do?" Her daddy heard her and just laughed out loud. Knowing I didn't have the time I needed to answer this question and she doesn't have the attention span for me to answer such a loaded question, I just said..."We do just about everything."

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