Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Scheduled Life

Well, it's that time again. School is back in session! (And all the mothers worldwide say, "AMEN!") I love this time of year. My big girl is finishing up her first week of 1st grade and so far it has been a success. She has come home very excited every day and I hear all about her day. The things she loves most this year: eating lunch at school, having 'hot lunch', 2 recesses, PE class, her Bible truths workbook with REAL MAPS in it (she loves maps), Spanish, Art, Music...the list goes on. My favorite thing about this year: the neighborhood kids are all back to school!!! No more doorbell ringing during naptime! Yippee!!! Oh, and my Target will not be so crowded now. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Along with the new school year, though, comes a new schedule. I don't have to tell you that a morning person I am not. This began in my younger years. Just ask my dad. On second thought, don't. There are too many stories to tell of how hard it was for me to wake up, get ready, and be at the breakfast table for family devotions by 6:30 so that I could be on the bus by 6:55. I am SO HAPPY to be on the other end of the 'getting ready for school' role. It is much easier being the mom. Of course, for my big girl it's not so hard. She's always been a morning person - since birth. She is usually already awake when her daddy goes in to wake her up at 6:30. Bless her heart. I'm glad for her sake that she's a morning person. Life is hard for us non-morning people. Our new schedule entails getting up at 6:30, Daddy and "M" leaving at 7:30 for school, naptime for "A" 11:45-2:30, naptime for "C" 12:30-2:30, pick up "M" at 2:45, bedtime for "A" 7pm, bedtime for "M" & "C" 7:30pm (later on church night). So far, it's working out, but I still don't like to see 6:30 am. I don't think that will ever change.

What's your favorite part of the school year?

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Ben said...

My favorite part about back to school is having my Big "I" going to school (preschool) and having little "I" (soon to be middle "I" ha) for some Mommy and 2year old time.

Enjoyed reading your post! Quite a schedule you have to keep now!