Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacation 101

Just got back from our annual family vacation. Learned a few lessons along the way and thought I'd share them.

  1. A 7 hour road trip on the way to your vacation destination seems to go by much more quickly than your 7 hour return trip. Don't forget to restock your snacks before beginning the return trip. 7 hours will seem like 15 hours if you're running low on snacks and traffic is heavy.
  2. Don't get offended if your husband talks more to the drivers around him during the roadtrip than he does to you, especially on the return drive. (Refer back to #1)
  3. Don't say, "Chill" to your husband if he is engaging in #2. This will not be taken in the loving, reassuring tone in which you said it.
  4. If your husband says "Heaven's to Betsy!" multiple times during the stressful times of travel, refrain from the temptation to say, "I'd just like to know who Betsy is!"
  5. Under all circumstances avoid being a backseat driver! Do NOT, I repeat: Do NOT look up suddenly only to see brake lights a few feet in front of you while going 80 mph and SCREAM or grab the dashboard. This will unnerve the driver, causing him to revert to #4.

More later. This is just the beginning.

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Ben and April said...

These are great, Amy!!!! And sooo true!!!