Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Basic Need

I don't know about you, but grocery shopping is on my list of 'Things I Do Not Like To Do'. Add bringing kids along and it automatically jumps to my list of 'Things I REALLY Do Not Like To Do.' I grocery shop out of necessity. Definitely not for pleasure. However, I do like a good deal. I use coupons, shop sales, do my best to get things as cheap as possible and, on occasion, I go to bargain-type grocery stores. I love knowing I paid less money than almost everyone else. So, today I put #2 & #3 in the car and we headed to a bargain-type of grocery store. (Let me just put in a disclaimer right now - my love for paying pennies for something vs. dollars far outweighs my preference of shopping in a nice, clean store. I have nothing against anyone that shops there, etc.) Thanks to my friend, Kelly, I knew how to get there. I found some great deals on #2's cookies that she enjoys that happen to be allergy-free and several other things for cheap!! My very sensitive gag reflex nearly got the best of me, but I made it through. Ever since #3 was born, my gag reflex has just gotten worse. I've always been a 'gagger', but now I'm just pathetic. Things like cleaning out the crock-pot after cooking chicken make me just gag out loud into the sink. Walking through a warehouse kind of building (like the above mentioned store) just about does me in. Add body odor - MAJOR body odor, cigarette smoke and the sight of greasy hair and I need to find a bucket or trash can, if you know what I mean. As I walked through this store, I was conscious of my attitude and the look on my face. These people need the Lord. It is very evident. And I didn't want them to see that I was on the verge of sickness over the atmosphere of the store. I was checking everyone out around me (I try to be very aware of what is happening around me, who is around me, etc. in case anything were to happen to me or my kids when we're me paranoid or whatever - I just don't want to be taken by surprise.) and saw the emptiness, sadness, desperation and great need. #2 pointed out to me a baby that was only wearing a diaper. She thought it was funny that a baby would be in public with just a diaper on. There were some very needy people there. Hubs and I are involved in a workshop on Wed nights at our church called, 'Sharing Jesus Without Fear'. It just started, but already my burden for the lost (those who do not have Jesus in their hearts) has increased. My personal goal by taking this class is to get a deeper burden for those around me that are not Christians and to be better equipped to know exactly what to say to them at just the right moment so that I can plant that seed in their hearts. I want their souls to be the first thing I notice, not their terrible body odor, dirty clothes or greasy hair. Those people I saw today were very needy.

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Ice-Family said...

Very good and challenging post to see the lost around us and take some action! I had a McDonald's moment through the drive through yesterday where the lady taking my $$ just started chatting with me about her life and I was nice and all but drove past afte she was done to get my sundae and thought..."I just missed an opportunity!" I need to be ready and willing to tell about my Lord whenever the opportunity arises!! Thanks for the post