Saturday, September 19, 2009


I like reading blogs and occasionally I will come across one that I really am inspired by. My two favorite blogs right now are written by people I don't even know. One being Nesting Place and the other Kelly's Korner. Nesting Place never ceases to inspire me. In fact, I have several projects I've been pondering and planning thanks to The Nester, and they are finally coming to fruition. I'll post pics and stuff once I start finishing them. And Kelly @ Kelly's Korner is a sweet Southern girl who loves the Lord and her family and friends. She has a great testimony and I just love reading about her daily life on her blog. She has a miracle baby named Harper that you can also see pics of and read about there.

I have been cleaning major house over the last few weeks and just gutting and decluttering like mad. Our living room is finally starting to show signs of partial completion on this project that Hubs and I have been dreaming and planning for 2.5 years now. It is so exciting to see a change taking place. This week, I sold our old TV, armoire and recliner. Next week, I plan to sell my lullaby rocker that is in #3's room. Kinda sad to sell it, but have no room for it anymore. I do love that chair and am sentimental about it because we bought it when we were expecting #1. I would go sit in it and look around her nursery at all her cute little clothes and stuff and dream about holding her. I rocked all three of my babies in that chair. (Pass the Kleenex, please.) Today I dropped off a huge load of stuff at Goodwill and then ran around town purchasing items for my new projects. I cannot wait to dust off 'ye olde sewing machine' and get to work on 3 of the projects! And I have to say that the Lord blessed me greatly today on finding an unbelieveable deal on curtain rods. I still can't believe it even though my receipt is proof. I had so much fun shopping (alone!) for all of my stuff. Can't wait to show you my finished products!!

I've also been going through my big stacks of old magazines and ripping out all the pages that inspire me and putting them in my 'idea file'. I have gotten some wonderful ideas for my mantel that I can't wait to try out. Oh, and then to top it all off, Hubs found a cool wall arrangement thing we had bought way back that we never had a place for and it is going to go perfect over my new couch in a couple months! It was a great day of dreaming, shopping and planning along with some laundry, dishes and cleaning thrown in there.

What inspires you?

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