Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Little More Revealing

So, here's one more pic to wet your appetite. ha Hubs won't let me post whole pictures until our built-ins are completely done, so sorry. I'm happy to report that it is 95% complete. Only the doors need to be built and it can be checked off the list. But first, he has a stack of trim to work through before he can build the doors. The trim around the windows/doors needs to be changed out to a wider trim, the crown moulding needs to be hung and then the doors can find a home on the built-ins. That is, unless Hubs wants to sand the fireplace surround and paint prior to building doors. I don't know. Plans are subject to change at a moment's notice around here. Anyway, here's a sneak peek regardless of how long we may have to wait on those doors.
I recently inherited a small brown desk that once belonged to my great-aunt Khaki. I don't remember her having it, I just remember it being in my mamaw's house for years and I liked it. Now that Mamaw has moved to live with my uncle it was given to me. I want to paint it and give it some new life. It's brown and brown doesn't really go with the decor of #1's room. We decided to put it in her room because she needed a small desk and it is the perfect size. The problem is that it isn't wood. I don't know if it's laminate or veneer or what. I just know it needs a facelift. So, have any of you painted non-wood furniture? How did you do it? I want to do this while I'm still motivated. Otherwise, it will not get done....for a very long time. I'm talking months, people, maybe years.


Ice-Family said...

What a great desk and perfect for #1's love of little things. I bet she'll have the desk filled and sealed off the all little sisters and little sisters friends soon!! ha!

On painting...When I painted a cabinet that was not real wood I just went right at it w/o doing anything to it and it turned out great. And I even "roughed" up the edges a little and had no problems. I'm sure whatever u do it will look great!

lottfam said...

I'm sure you find something at Lowe's or Home Depot. We had to repaint our plastic shutters and found a spray that gave it a "rough" texture so the paint would adhere! Good Luck!