Friday, September 11, 2009

Responsibility Revisited

I remember like it happened yesterday. It really started out like any other day. I woke up, drove to work and had just gotten into the groove of things. It had only been a couple of weeks at most since my cubicle had been switched to a new corner of the office. I think in my 5 years of working there, my cube had been moved 6 times. It was nice to have a different perspective and a more quiet workspace. So, as I started my work for the day, I began one duty of repetitive typing of claims and decided to listen to Talk Radio. I am a big fan of News Talk Radio, although I rarely get to listen now. I was enjoying my day when all at once, a special news alert came on. I was confused, at first. I thought I heard something about an airplane flying into a building, but they weren't sure if it was a commercial plane or a small plane. Then, I heard the words 'possible terrorist attack'. I sat there in disbelief. A terrorist attack? On US soil? In NYC?? No way. I got up from my desk, went into my boss's office around the corner and told her to turn her radio on. Went back to my desk and called my dad. I knew he'd be at the church already and doubted he would be listening to the radio. He wasn't. I told him what I had heard and told him to turn on a tv or radio. Just then, the announcer declared that a 2nd plane had hit the 2nd tower. My disbelief turned into shock and then, fear. My boss and I ran down to the cafeteria to watch the news footage. We couldn't believe our eyes. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen in my lifetime. People in the streets looking up as the 2nd plane came closer. The fear in their eyes and then seeing them run for their lives trying to escape this horror. It was then that the realization sunk in. For the next week I cried and cried watching the aftermath and the devastation and grief over lost loved ones. People standing in the streets handing out papers and pictures of their lost loved ones, just begging to find them. I was saddened beyond words over the souls that were lost that day, esp those that were without Jesus in their hearts. I watched as people who thought they had no hope jumped out of windows to their death. I wondered what in the world was going through their minds. I thought of all those who were trapped in the fiery buildings just being burned alive and how that is what Hell is like. I cannot imagine knowing I was trapped with absolutely no way out of a blazing inferno. What would I do if one of my family members had been in there and I was standing out there on the street outside the building knowing they were in there. Would I just let them try to find their own way out? Would I leave the responsibility to someone else? Yet, those who reject Christ are living that reality. God's Word says there is only ONE WAY to Heaven and that is by accepting God's free gift of salvation. Eph 2:8-9, "For by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast." There is nothing I can do to get myself to Heaven. God paid the price for me. The reality is that there are people all around me that do not know Christ. They don't know where they will go when they die. Death is a sure thing. Those who do not have Jesus in their hearts are like those who were in those burning buildings with no way out. And here I am standing on the streets around them. I know the only way out. Am I going to help them find THE WAY? Or am I going to leave that up to someone else and just hope they find out in time? Jude 1:23 says, "And others, save with fear; pulling them out of the fire..." They are headed for the fire and we ought to be doing all we can to save them - pulling them out of the fire. Watching the news today has caused me to renew my burden for the lost. I have a responsibility to tell all those around me THE only way they can have eternal life. And I plan to use every means possible to reach those people God has placed in my path. I might be the only one that ever tells them that they can have HOPE!

Do you know THE WAY? Do you know where you will go when you die? If you cannot answer yes to these questions, please contact me. I would love to tell you how you can know for sure that you are going to Heaven when you die. There IS hope! Don't reject it. One day it will be too late.

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