Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Shiny Reveal

So, my picture frame was a goldish silver frame. We got these as a wedding gift 7.5 years ago. Today I took them out of the plastic they were in. I just couldn't fit the goldish silver into my decor. I mean make up your mind already - are you gold or are you silver? So, finally, (and don't ask me why this never dawned on me before now!) I got the bright idea to paint one!! I love how it turned out and I finally have a frame worthy of the picture of my sis-in-law and her fam from Easter! I still have the other 5x7 and an 8x10 in this goldish silver that I plan to spray paint soon. What color? Prob red or robin's egg blue or something along that line. With spray paint, my options are endless!

Pictured are my cutie pie niece, Livi, Bro-in-law, Gary, Sis-in-law, Amy and adorable nephew, Townsend. My 'M' used to be navy blue. It has been a dust collector in our living room for at least 4 years, but not anymore!!
My monogrammed wreath! I LOVE IT!!
More small reveals coming soon.

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Ice-Family said...

VERY nice!!! You did a great job! Maybe you could go into buisness making monogrammed door wreaths! :) Love it!