Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things I Think Are Funny...

Lately, I'm overwhelmed with so many things. Things I need to get done around my house, things I need to teach my children, things I need to buy, things I need to sell, etc. etc. etc. So, here's to forgetting about all of that stuff for the moment and thinking about things that are funny.
1. People talking in their sleep.
2. My 4 year old. She is hilarious and doesn't even know it.
3. My 1 year old laughing at her sisters.
4. My almost 6 year old when she dances.
5. My almost 3 year old niece. She recently followed her parents around their almost completed house taking off all the blue tape that they had put on things for the builder to fix. (Sorry, Julie, I know you still don't think it's funny.)
6. My brother. He's always funny. He can make me laugh about just about anything.
7. My bro-in-law. He cracks me up.
8. My entire family. I'll quit trying to go through every person in the fam. They are all funny. We always have a great time together.
There's more. I'm just too tired to figure out how to put it all in words. Guess that'll have to wait. I love to laugh and have a good time. I have the laugh lines (aka millions of wrinkles) to prove it. So thankful God put me in a family that is really good at that. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Everyone needs a good laugh!
What makes you laugh?

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