Thursday, October 1, 2009

Administrative Assistant Needed

Looking for a smart, organized Admin Assistant whose specialty is multi-tasking amidst chaos.

Job description includes:
*Keeping up with all paperwork brought home by the 1st grader on a daily basis,
must be able to discern which papers to sign and send back, file, display on refrigerator and/or throw away;
*Keep a running list of items Mom is suppose to send into school for the teacher, classmates and said 1st grader;
*Create and keep up with 1st grader's class and school calendar so Mom knows ahead of time when Open House, Field Trip, Chapel, P.E., etc. is so that 1st grader will have the appropriate clothing/shoes on;
*Check online site to get 1st grader's grades, class and school calendar and any school news Mom might need to know about;
*Merge class calendar with Mom's personal calendar and 1st grader's school calendar so Mom can see the big picture and not be surprised by anything at the last minute which is when she is usually ironing 1st grader's clothing and Dad's uniform and making both lunches. (Yes, Mom already knows that ironing and making lunch the night before is much easier, but not always practical.)
Job Requirements:
*Must be proficient in using Microsoft Office and the Printer.
*Must be able to tone out voices of children who think they are starving to death when 1st grader gets home from school.
*Must be able to work calmly and thoroughly with 17 month old hanging onto your legs and crying to be picked up.
*Must be able to organize said papers at the kitchen counter while dodging the mine-field that is the Tupperware dragged out all over the floor as a result of not picking up said 17 month old.
*Must be willing to work for food. No monetary payment will be made, but the benefits are priceless.

*You know I'm kidding, right? Sometimes I am just bewildered with all the paperwork that my 1st grader brings home. It's nuts. Monday, I had to pack lunch, wild animal project, signed friday folder, open house list, library book, little paper booky thing that #1 has to read to me and I sign, AND field trip note signed. Oh, and remember to bring her piano books for lessons after school. I was like, "Seriously?" I need a whole day planner just for #1's schedule. I don't remember 1st grade being so much work for my mom. OK, so maybe that's because I don't remember much about 1st grade except Mrs. Morton, my teacher. Yikes. The stories I could tell. Oh my.... Anyway, back to the subject - what will I do when #2 is also in school next year??

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April said...

You must have posted this just for me. Good ole' Mrs. Morton. How old do you think that woman is now anyway? 106? Really. Black velvet jacket, cold cream, black hair (going gray) we are eye witnesses, and that brown paper bag so old that when you folded it down it made no noise. Oh how we loved first grade. Really though, that woman was a bit odd.