Thursday, October 22, 2009

Living Room Mistreatments

Well, here they are. My husband is pleased so I am very happy with them. He's happy regardless of the way I've been mistreating my windows. Here's the low-down...

  • $7.99 amazing deal on the curtain rod from Hancock Fabrics. Crazy awesome deal! I bought 2. The best part is that I thought I was getting the rods 40% off of $39.99, but somehow they were way cheaper when I got to the register! Love those deals!!

  • Chocolate brown burlap fabric - I am addicted to this right now - Awesome deal on that, as well at Hancock and at Hancock online. I didn't finish the side edges because the outside edges are very clean edges on the selvage side. The inside edges are paperclipped (you heard me) to the inside curtain edges so that they stay together better. I did sew a rod pocket on the top of the burlap and a hem on the bottom, though.

  • Lighter inside curtains are really not curtains at all. They are really a tablecloth. You would have never known if I didn't tell you, right? I found the tablecloth at Target while shopping for a curtain for that spot. Didn't find one I loved, so I scanned the tablecloth section and found one I loved. It works great and even has a little bit of a pattern on it. Perfectly subtle. I bought a 60x104 size tablecloth for $14.99. Cut it straight down the middle lengthwise and finished the cut edge because it doesn't look very nice unfinished. Only one cut and two seams later, I have curtains! Hung them from ring clips instead of a rod pocket because it gives a little dimension to my mistreatment since I opted for using one curtain rod instead of two. I didn't want the lighter curtain to go all the way behind the burlap panels because our room is dark now just from having window treatments, so a little light shining through them is perfect. I still have to hem them, but I love how they turned out!

  • Total cost for this window treatment was less than $40!! I love it when a plan comes together.

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