Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Window Mistreatments

I learned this term from The Nester. Love the whole idea behind it! She coined the phrase 'It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful' and I love that. All that know me well, know that I am not in the least bit a perfectionist. (I think I just heard my sister yell out 'you can say that again' from the hills of TN.) I like to sew and I like doing things but when it comes to doing things right by the book, I just can't scrape up that last inkling of persistence to do it. I use my own rules. So, you can imagine that when I came across window mistreatments that I was just plain excited! I'm the girl that can't even hang a curtain rod level, so this is right up my alley!! Anyway, my first attempt at a window mistreatment was a success in my eyes. I found fabric that I really liked on the clearance table and decided it goes with what I'm trying to accomplish in my downstairs adventure. Then, I decided I would make a valance. Yes, a valance. I cringe saying that word because I'm not necessarily a valance kind of girl, but I didn't want to cover up my kitchen window and didn't want the hassle of making a real roman shade so I just did my thing. Had some leftover ribbon from my monogram wreath hanging so I used it. I may take that off and switch it out with some chocolate brown burlap (I'm using burlap on my other big windows in the LR/Kitchen soon) ties. We'll see. Now, let me explain why this is a mistreatment....it doesn't have all finished edges and the ribbon is not sewn on or attached properly. I just made it look like it was. This is something that Hubs had a hard time with at first. I am married to a perfectionist with a capital 'P'. Nevermind that window treatments really don't matter to him all that much. It's just the fact that he knows the side edges are not finished and that the ribbon is pinned up there. This bugs him. It's kind of like the crooked picture on the wall that I have to fix everytime I walk by it, or the mini-blinds (you heard me) that were in our mini-van when we were teenagers that my sister had to rig up so that they would stay completely open. You know the feeling. Anyway, Hubs likes the look of my valance/shade a lot, and is getting over his little pet peeve. I promise you, you would never know that it isn't completely finished because you aren't going to crawl up on my counter and look up underneath it - are you? Now, I'm onto making my living room curtains and then the sliding door ones. The sliding door mistreatments have been a thorn in my flesh. I cannot for the life of me decide what to do with that unfortunate door/window. If I live here long enough, that door will be replaced with french doors. So, if you have any great ideas for the sliding door, I beg you to share them with me. And don't even dare tell me to put on vertical blinds. =]

Above the kitchen sink. Sorry there's no before. Just imagine plain Jane.


Ice-Family said...

It looks awesome!! I love it!! Can you come redecorate my house?!?!? Trying not to be too jealous!! :)

And I feel the same way about vertical blinds...hate them on our sliding window but haven't taken the chance to take them down and put up something else. I too agree that french doors would be more lovely than the sliding door and more practical for where the door is!

Way to go on all your decor makeover!

The Nester said...

It's beautiful!

Dave & Julie Ryan said...

I love that fabric!