Monday, November 2, 2009

A Difficult Door Gets Mistreated

So, I did it. I finally mistreated my sliding door. The 'After' is way better than the 'Before', so I'll just go ahead and show you.


I used my favorite-fabric-for-now - burlap - for the valance. (I never liked valances before, but now I guess I do since I've recently used a valance on two windows in my downstairs.) Anyway, then I made the straps to hold it up out of the same fabric I used for my kitchen window mistreatment here. I did actually buy the curtain panels from Target, though. I really like them and love how they keep curious eyes out at night and let in just enough light during the day. I love them. The color helps to lighten things up a bit, too, in the midst of all this chocolate brown burlap. Overlook the unpainted crown moulding - it will be painted in 3 weeks or less. In fact, I should be filling nail holes instead of blogging, but blogging is way more fun and easier on the fingertips. I'll put up pics once we add some color to this living room! I can't wait! It will be kind of like the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy starts to come out of her house that landed in Oz after the tornado dropped her down and she goes to the door and opens it to find a whole new world of Technicolor. I can't wait for this living room to go from boring to beautiful! But, until then - I have nail holes to fill and crown moulding to sand - then major dust to vacuum up from sanding, etc. etc. Beauty is pain, even in home decorating.


Ice-Family said...

Looks great, Amy!! Way to go again!! You're one hard working woman these days! Can't wait to get my verticals off and put something nicer up there.

Julie said...

Turned out great!