Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life with My 3 Chickadees...

My 3 Chickadees watching their daddy work
So, I was in my local Hobby Lobby yesterday with #s 2 & 3 (#1 was at school) and as I approached the register the cashier said to me, "How old are they?" So, I told her and she asked if I had anymore. When I told her I have 3 girls she said, "Wow, all girls? Their poor dad!" And on at least a weekly basis I get this kind of reaction when I go out in public with the girls. It cracks me up because people are so funny. First of all, their daddy couldn't be more thrilled that he has ALL girls (although, at each ultrasound he was a tad bit disappointed that there was no son in his future). He is loving that he is THE man. Our girls love him to pieces and think that going on a date with their daddy is the greatest thing in the world. When they hear the key in the front door every evening, they all three scream the shrillest screams and run for the door to greet him. He's their hero. He can fix anything that's broken. He plays girl games with them, lets them jump all over him as he pretends to sleep on the living room floor and loves them with all his heart. They love to 'help' him when he's working around the house and in the garage. He lets them play in the pile of sawdust that he just swept up, lets them jump in the leaves that he just raked and lets them play with the (non-dangerous) tools in the garage while he works on our ever-growing To-Do List. Yes, they can be dramatic and very emotional even at their young ages, but we love every minute of it. That's not to say that we aren't both scared to death of them all growing into teenagers, but for now we love it. The two older ones cry during sad parts of movies, #2 gets very emotional if a very calm, peaceful song is playing in the car and I know this because she will inevitably say, "I want Daddy to come home. I miss him." followed by tears. Yes, life with three girls is an emotional rollercoaster, but we love it. Hubs loves that the girls always want to be with him. They love to sit and watch him as he works at home (see pic above). They love the rare occasions that they get to be with him at work. And Hubs has been just waiting and waiting for the girls to become interested in PlayMobil. He still has a set or two from when he was a kid and has been patiently waiting for the girls to become responsible enough to play with them and start collecting them. Everytime we walk through the toy section, he wants to look around the PlayMobil aisle, but the girls have never wanted to do that. They call that 'boy stuff' and they are against all things boy...pretty much. Well, last night #1 found a little 3 piece set of something from PlayMobil and realized that's what it was and begged her daddy to get out his PlayMobil stuff. He was thrilled! However, she is going to have to prove that she can keep her room clean and everything in its place before he will get it out. He doesn't want to lose any of it and right now, you would understand this rule if you saw her room. Our girls are so much fun and bring so much joy to our lives. They are all three so different and are growing up so fast. I'm trying to live in the moment each day because I know it will pass me by so quickly and there will come a day when these precious moments are gone and I will only have my failing memory to remind me of these great years. We can't imagine our lives without all three of our girls. We are so blessed and thankful for them. We know we have our work cut out for us as they get older and even more dramatic and emotional, but we look forward to the task. Yes, life with my 3 chickadees is incredibly grand!
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Ben and April said...

We love Playmobil over here...Patrick and Katie will play with it for hours...lots of little pieces though!!!

Keri said...

I get the same kinds of comments having two boys. "Aren't you sad?" "Don't you want a girl?"

I'm thankful for what I have and trust that the Lord knows what I need!

I enjoyed this post, you do have 3 sweet little girls!

April said...