Friday, November 20, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

My sewing addiction continues. Only now it's worse. At first, I was sewing for my shop and I still am, but now I keep finding things that I want to make for myself. If I was overwhelmed and behind on my 'real' To-Do List, then you can imagine what it's like now. I am having to limit my time on the sewing machine and think I have found a nice balance between sewing and doing my daily routine of feeding kids, cleaning, changing diapers, feeding kids, cleaning, and so on. I was really on a roll and loving it....until yesterday. My sewing machine ran out of bobbin thread and recently has begun to cop an attitude with me when it does this. I reload the bobbin, get my fabric back under the presser foot only to find that the thread tension is way out of whack. I do everything I am suppose to do and it still is too loose. I've spent 2.5 hours adjusting the thread tension, adjusting the bobbin, etc. and it is still loose. I think I am ready for a new machine. A nice, shiny, computerized machine. Can I get an Amen? Any suggestions on a specific brand? I have a Kenmore right now and have liked it for these 8 years, but I kind of thought Kenmore should last longer than this.

Update: After another half hour on adjusting the thread tension on my machine, Hubs asked me if I'd like him to take a look at it. The first couple of times he asked me that, I was sure he wouldn't be able to fix it. He doesn't sew. He doesn't even know how the machine is threaded. But the third time he asked, I relented. He said, "I troubleshoot for a living. Let me look at it." So, I showed him the problem, explained how it is suppose to work and after about 5 minutes he fixed it. All I can say is HE'S THE MAN!! He is my hero. I was so excited! I was able to finish the dresses for my three girls so they could wear them to church this morning and made a gift for my niece's birthday (although that didn't involve the sewing machine).

Tomorrow or maybe tonight after church I'll be starting on new stockings for the fam. I cannot wait to show you the finished product - well, if they turn out like I expect them to! I have a couple weeks to make them, though, because we are behind on our deadline of getting the downstairs painted by Thanksgiving. It is a big job and we're just a few days behind, but Hubs has been working a lot and wasn't able to work on the house last week. Looks like I'll be sanding the fireplace surround, baseboards and trim this week so we can be ready to start painting trim next weekend after our Thanksgiving festivities. So, thanks to the painting that is getting ready to happen, Christmas decor will have to wait a little longer this year. I truly don't mind, either, which surprsied even me. I like to have the tree up right after Thanksgiving, but somehow I don't mind waiting longer this year. I am very excited for Christmas, though. It gets more and more fun every year. Our kids are very much looking forward to Christmas and Hubs and I are excited to see how #3 will react. She yells out 'Christmas!' when we see the trees in all the stores so I know when she sees a Christmas tree in our living room, she will be thrilled. Her grammy bought her a book last year about Santa with flip-up pages that she adores. In fact, her first sentence is "No, that's not Santa!" and I just love hearing her say that.

#1 has already been discussing the ever-controversial subject of Santa with her classmates at school. She came home and told me the other day that 'So and So was getting underwear for Christmas because she doesn't believe in Santa.' (She learned this from her Aunt Julie! ha!) Well, to Hubs and I, Santa is very real. WE are Santa and we have no problem letting our kids enjoy the magical side of Christmas along with the most important reality of Christmas and that is celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Who is very real and is the focus of our celebration. But, on the subject of Santa, we've told #1 that not everyone believes in Santa and that's okay. She should be nice and not judgemental towards her classmates just like they should be toward her. I believed in Santa when I was young and don't remember when I realized that Santa was just a fun, magical part of Christmas, but I can tell you that I wasn't scarred. I survived and loved to think that Santa was coming on Christmas Eve. My mom still puts 'From:Santa' on some of our gifts and I love that!

So, no matter how you choose to celebrate Christmas, I hope that you remember to celebrate the Reason!

When will you trim your tree this year?


Sandy said...

In case you do decide to go for a new sewing machine... I've been through Singer, Pfaff, Kenmore, & for the last 5+ years have had a Husqvarna/Viking & I love it. I have the 545 which is sort of the lower/mid range price wise & feature wise. I might move up one level if doing it over again, but I have not had one bit of trouble with it & have used it a lot. Just FYI...

Amy said...

Thank you, Sandy! I will be keeping those in mind!