Thursday, November 12, 2009

Upon hearing a gun shot and calling 9-1-1

Please don't be shooting off your gun in my front yard especially when my babies are sleeping. Yeah, neighbor-who-now-has-a-rap-sheet - I'm talkin' to you!! This really happened. I'm pretty sure where I live is not considered ghetto, so you can imagine my shock and adrenaline rush when Hubs and I were emptying the dishwasher Sunday night around 9 pm and heard freakish screaming followed by a gun shot only 50 yards in front of our house. I still can't get over that this really happened within my viewing area. Since we've lived here I have seen from my dining room window a couple go from 'normal' to never riding in the same car, to never speaking to each other outside the house, to the hubby being obsessed with a local college sports team and going to every game without the kids or wife, to yelling and fighting in the driveway, to the wife almost running over the ding-bat hubby with her SUV, to wife moving out and then finally hubby moving out. Then, few months later, another couple moved into the house, seemed normal, started noticing that the wife/girlfriend was pregnant, noticed hubby working later and later and even sometimes on weekends, wife/girlfriend had the baby, hubby gone a lot more, couple moves out together with baby, hubby comes back to empty rental house with different lady during the day, in the evening, on Saturdays enough for me to realize an affair was going on right in front of my face until finally the lease was up and the house was empty again. Then, I nearly witnessed 3 weirdos trying to steal the 3 satellite dishes off the same house across the street around 11pm one night. Thankfully, they never came back. A new family lives in the house now and so far, I think they are 'normal'. This brings me to Sunday night. This commotion happened in the house perpendicular to aforementioned house. Hubs said he understood these crazy people when we were eavesdropping on them talking to the police. I did not understand anything but 'My Suh (aka son) ...blah blah blah. He's my suh....' Then I heard the nice policeman say, "I understand he's your son, but you cannot talk to him until ..blah blah blah..and it will be at least 2 hours." Apparently, two teenagers got into some trouble or something at school and one dad confronted the other dad and one decided he just no longer needed to exhibit self-control so he shot off his gun. Why he decided to even carry his gun to this confrontation, and why he thought it would be okay to shoot said gun in my neighborhood, I just don't know. But I don't appreciate it. 6 cop cars, 1 forensics guy & a K9 unit showed up very quickly after Hubs and a couple other neighbors called 9-1-1. And friends of these criminals started coming out the woodwork. This completely shocking and rude episode outside my dining room window caused me to burn my pizza and miss my favorite reality show (The Amazing Race, in case you were wondering.). I'll be keeping a close eye on these people from now on. I feel like Gladys Kravitz - you know the nosy neighbor on Bewitched - but I don't go looking for things like this. They come to me. I'm a freak magnet. What can I say?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to have a Christmas party for all your neighbors at your house. ha

Amy said...

Tee hee! That won't happen.