Monday, December 7, 2009

18 days left!!

So, you know that Christmas is only 18 days away, right? So, I've been making a list and checking it twice making sure I've gotten everyone's gifts, etc. since I can't wrap presents yet. The tree is not going up til at least Thursday night because of the painting, etc. and I have all the gifts secretly hidden in my closet behind my huge wedding dress and other clothes I will never wear again so that the kiddos can't accidentally find them. It's just too risky to drag out all the gifts until it's time to wrap them. Hopefully, I'll get to wrap them this weekend and put them all under our tree that is too big for this room now.

(The tree hasn't grown - our furniture has. We have a sectional waiting for us at the furniture store down the road and it will replace our old, but free, couch that is taking a little ride on the Salvation Army truck on Wednesday. Our sectional has been in town since last Monday and it is just killing me that we don't get it until this Thursday! They would have delivered, but Hubs is a realist and told the delivery people not to bring it til this Thursday because we had so much painting to do (approx. 40 hours of painting - who knew???), but I wanted them to bring it last Wed because this is our first brand new couch as a married couple of nearly 8 years and I just can't wait! But I had to wait and I think I might just make it til Thursday if the excitement doesn't kill me first. By the way, that is mine and Hubs Christmas gift to each other this year!)

Anyway, back to Christmas gifts....

I took #2 and #3 to Target this morning so we could get out of the house in the freezing cold and use some coupons that had to be used by the 10th, especially the coupon for Bliss - YUMMY chocolates and we went down the toy aisle because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment. I think everyone waited til now to shop for toys because it was utter chaos. I shant be going back there anytime soon with two kids that seem to only be able to shout the words "I want...." I thought I'd be sneaky and shop for stocking stuffers in the guise of letting them drool over toys, but with all the chaos and crowded toy aisles, I didn't get one stocking stuffer. It was craziness. I finally squeezed our way out of that section and headed for the checkout. I did manage to snag the last fold-up crib (more like itty bitty pack-n-play) for #3's baby dolls for Christmas. She loves baby dolls more than any little girl I've ever known. She will be so excited on Christmas this year. And #2 is having an animal kind of Christmas - she's the biggest animal lover and her mean parents won't buy her a real pet so Santa is bringing her the closest thing to a real pet (no potty training involved!) and some other stuff like that. Oh yeah, and while I was in the toy section, #2 went nuts over two things specifically that I just happen to have already bought her for Christmas. I can't wait to see her face when she opens them. She's my very expressive child and is a hoot to watch open gifts. #1 is growing up so fast, and I have to refrain from buying young toys for her so she's getting big girl gifts this year and I know she will just eat that up. She loves being the oldest and she's taking us through unchartered waters with all the new things she likes and does. I love Christmastime with children! It's so much fun and exciting! And we will get to be with my sister's family including their 4 kids along with my parents and brother! It will be much fun and I just can't wait!

So, that's all for now. I have a lot to do before then so I better get at it!

PS - Our next door neighbors in the rental our moving out. Bummer! (Not the house across the street that has been nothing but drama). They've been good renters, now we have to wait and see who graces our presence next. Keeping our fingers crossed for some more good renters!

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