Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why I Don't Do Daily Planners...

I've mentioned before how I love making lists - and I really do. I make lists all the time of what I need, no - WANT - to do, and my lists really help me get things done during the day. Thanks to my C.I.A.D.D. (Child-Induced Attention Deficit Disorder), I now depend on lists or nothing gets done. When I graduated high school, my youth pastor and his wife gave me a great gift - a Franklin Planner. I loved it! It was the first time I'd had a planner and this was THE planner. All the important people I knew had Franklin Planners. My dad still uses his, I think. A lady whose kids I babysat for often had a Franklin then went to a computer-based Franklin which I really thought was 'WOW!' because computers were just so new to me back then which makes me laugh now because I mean, who doesn't have a computer now? Whose life isn't controlled by a computer these days besides my mom who refuses to be sucked in to this time-consuming, always-available and in-touch-with-everyone from past, present and future ordeal? Anyway, back to the Franklin - people even went to seminars to learn HOW to plan each day and make lists in the appropriate fashion. I loved my Franklin. It was compact, stylish and had flowers on each page. It was awesome. I was so organized it was ridiculous. I recently found my planner pages from 1995-1997 that are in my closet at my parents' house. I looked through them and it brought back tons of memories that I had forgotten about. I evidently used mine as a daily journal of who I saw/talked to and what the weather was like. I guess I take after my Papaw who journaled things and kept records of everything from weather, to rainfall, to miles driven, etc. Anyway, my Franklin was very special to me. Then, when I became a career woman I got another Franklin - a little bigger this time, but I didn't use it as often as I should have. Then, somehow after I had kids I went to a spiral bound calendar type of thing that worked for awhile, but now I've gone completely down to college-rule notebook paper in a one inch binder. It works for me - right now. I've been making lists and crossing things off. I even right things on my list that I've already done just so I can mark it off! How's that for obsession? Hey - don't judge - I like to feel good about myself and my accomplishments. I like to see that I've vacuumed upstairs and mopped the kitchen floor even though it won't look like it by the time Hubs gets home from work. But my system works for me. I just realized that in my Franklin I had to prioritize my tasks for the day with A, B, C, etc. and let's face it - children throw a monkey wrench into those kinds of lists. I was never getting A done before C and B sometimes never got done. It was depressing and I hated that things were not getting done in order. And then when B didn't get done it had to have an arrow pointing forward next to it showing me that it was being moved to tomorrow's tasks and I just hated seeing the same task on my list two days in a row. So now, I just write all my tasks down in random order and do whichever one I have time for first, mark it off, try another one and so on. There's no guilt in my current system. I don't have to prioritize with my ABC's and draw cute little arrows next to my unfinished tasks. In fact, today I didn't even look at my list. I just did whatever I needed to do at the moment it needed to be done. It was a great day.

Oh and by the way - this girl painted her last coat of oil paint on the baseboards tonight! I am done with that and have never been happier (or higher on paint fumes) than right now. There is even some color on the walls!! Hubs worked for 8.5 hours today finishing his part of the trim and cutting in the colors - It's so exciting to see color on the wall. We're on schedule to have it done before our new couch comes on Thursday! Hoping it stays that way. Then, we get to put up our Christmas tree (hopefully Thurs night - if not, it will be Saturday) and hang our new stockings...

Inspired by the Pottery Barn stockings, made from felt and other fabrics. Lots of fun to make!

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

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