Saturday, January 23, 2010

Medically Necessary

I have some very tender-hearted and compassionate friends. I do. And right now I'd like to ask you to stop and pray specifically for three of them. Bradley, Kelleigh and Jeanie left today with a group of 25 people on a Medical Mission Outreach trip to Haiti. They are spending a week in Haiti as a surgical and medical team helping those who desperately need medical help. They will be working in 12 hour shifts, around the clock. So, please pray for strength and safety for all of these people. They will be at a secure mission compound and patients will be shuttled in. This team is not sacrificing their time/money just because it is medically necessary for these desperate Haitians. They are there for a greater share Christ with every person that comes in for their help. The temporary sacrifice they are making will make a difference in eternity. Please pray for them.

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Cheryl said...

My prayers have been sent.
With a big THANK YOU to them.