Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Merry Heart Has a Continual Feast

There are not many people that I know that exhibit this on a continual basis, but there is one woman that stands out in my mind. Every thought I have of her displays her big, wide smile and her bubbly personality. She is a gem. She is someone I have known almost my whole life and I've known her through different sets of circumstances all of which she remained that joyful, bubbly person that everyone loved. Last Wednesday, around 5pm, she was greeted at the gates of Heaven and reunited with her own mom and dad, her first husband and many other loved ones. She struggled for 10 years with breast cancer and really fought a good fight. I learned of her death just moments later and all I could think of was how 'merry' she was. She had a blameless testimony. Her life was less than 60 years long, but she influenced countless lives and made every moment count. My family loves her. My parents told me stories about her this past week that I did not know. Stories that make me laugh because she laughed - a lot! Stories that make me thankful to know her because of the difference she made in my family's life when I was young. One of her dear friends said of her that if it weren't for her, they'd be on their way to Hell. She was golden. A true friend to her friends. A lover of God and loved by God. An example to me of how important it is to have a merry heart. My mom said to me as we were discussing Rita's life that Rita always had a continual feast because of her merry heart. And there is no other way to describe her. She was genuine...the real deal. I love her and look forward to her greeting me one day when it's my turn to enter the gates of Heaven. She'll be there waiting with her big grin ready to show me around and introduce me to all of her peeps.
Please pray for her family. Her husband, Leon. Her step-children. Her sisters, Vivian and Bonita. Her nieces and nephews, etc. She is greatly missed.

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Julie said...

I'm glad you wrote this & expressed what we feel about her. I've been thinking all week how amazing it is that every time I picture her, I see her smiling. I don't remember ever seeing her frown! None of us deserves Heaven, but she comes really close.