Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Urge...

I suddenly have the urge to rearrange #1's bedroom furniture. Only problem is that Hubs is at work and I will be forced to use my own anything-but-brute strength to slide a huge 1930's solid wood armoire over about 4 feet to its right. Then, if any strength remains (and no pulled muscles ensue) move her little desk in its place while trying to not step on any tiny pieces of PlayMobil or Polly Pocket. I just need to move some furniture and make things look a little different. I've been contemplating moving #3's crib around, but am afraid it will ruin her impeccable sleeping habits and that is not something I'm willing to mess around with. I need my sleep. I also want to rearrange #2's bedroom, but not sure how I will do it, yet. I just suddenly feel crowded. I don't like crowded. We all need a fresh, new furniture arrangement every few months, don't you think? I'll post pics if I am physically able later.

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