Thursday, March 18, 2010

Copy Cat

I like to read blogs. It's no secret. I really enjoy seeing what other people do with their homes and how they decorate. I was really into a few blogs (that will remain nameless for now) there for awhile, but I just got tired of reading about things that I wasn't interested in doing at my house. Not to mention, they just weren't in my budget or energy-level. And then my sister got into the blogging. She found her niche in this blog world and is quickly becoming the blog to read. She posts almost everyday (by the way, I was disappointed not to see a new post yesterday, but two today make up for it, I guess.) and it's always interesting. Of course, half the time, I already know about what I'm going to read on her blog, but I still want to read it. She has a way with words....and topiaries. Which brings me to why I'm writing this post in the first place. The other day she wrote about a bunny topiary. Oh.My.Goodness. It was so cute! I decided I needed to make one. So, I did.
Poor little bunny looks like its tail got chopped off, but my girls were able to tell that it was a bunny so that's all that matters.
It's not quite as cute as hers, but I still love it. And then the next day, she wrote about topiaries again and it just so happened that I had an empty urn sitting around so I am in the process of making myself a year-round topiary and I just can't wait to finish it. I'm a follower. I am compelled to copy everything that she's doing. This has been a life-long issue for me, though, so it's nothing new. I have no originality and I'm fine with that. Her ideas are good enough for the both of us. I'm lucky to have someone so creative to copy. Now, if I can just find the deals she is finding and work up 1/3 of the energy she has I could do great things to this house. I was inspired by something she spray painted glossy white and so today I made a special trip back to The Walmarts with all three of the girls (so you know it had to be important!) just to get white glossy spray paint to paint my aforementioned urn and I've already nearly used the whole can. I love spray paint. I'll post about that obsession/outlet/stress reliever another time.
Way more important than silly home decor projects, would you please pray for my cousin, Krista? She has cancer and is just beginning her battle. Please pray for her, her husband, Joe and her two cute kids. We all know people with cancer, but when it hits family it becomes very sobering and ultimately changes the way we view our lives. Pray for them. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Julie said...

You know I'm just making all this up as I go along. As long as I have ideas & a sister who wants to read about them, I'll keep it going. And I guess I need to remind you that I started blogging because I was just copying you. :)