Friday, March 19, 2010

The Painted Urn

Last Fall, I hosted (with much help) a first-hopefully-annual Swap Meet with my Sunday School Class ladies and it was so much fun. The idea came from this site and it was a lot of fun. I cannot wait to have another one! But anyway, I swapped my junk for someone else's junk and one of the items I took home with me was an urn. There are endless purposes for an urn and I was excited to get it! I brought it home and put a Fall plant in it and sat it on my mantle until the Christmas decorations came out. Then, it went on top of my fridge where it sat empty until yesterday. Thanks to the inspiration I posted about yesterday, I found great potential in that cute little urn. It was begging for a topiary. So, I ran to The Walmarts (nevermind that it was my second trip there of the day) and bought some glossy white spray paint for .96 cents. Got home and started spraying stuff left and right. There might be one squirt left in the can, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I wish I had a before pic, but I was so excited to spray paint, I didn't take time to snap a photo. Here is my new, used urn....
And this is what it looks like now with its freshly made, yet still-needing-a-haircut topiary. I put it in my kitchen because the kitchen is begging for some brighter accents. This makes me happy.
And here are my little Easter topiaries sitting on my mantle.

Ok, so I need to smooth that first one down a bit, but you get the idea.

These were fun to make. And cheap!

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Julie said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! And that is a great urn!
Love, The Queen of Topiary (no, seriously, one of my blog readers just gave me that title. Now I just need a tiara :). )