Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Sick Day....or 12

It all started 13 days ago. My baby woke up with 'it' in her bed. She was crying when she woke up which is very unusual. And she woke up at 6:30am, which {thankfully} is also very unusual. So, when I went to get her up, I saw 'it' all down the side of her crib. Thus, began the start of a very long two weeks. We knew the sickness was going around, but thanks to Hubs, we are super careful about making sure we all wash our hands and sanitize immediately after leaving church or getting in the car from the grocery store, etc. But somehow, the bug got her. It was not a welcome sight! My parents were coming that day and I was so excited! They rarely come here - we always go see them, so for them to be coming for the sole purpose of spending time with us at our house, I was thrilled. I called my mom and she said they'd still come since the bug isn't airborne. The baby seemed fine and I thought, 'Whew! We dodged a bullet!'. And then Tuesday came. My middle girl was acting funny Tuesday morning, but it isn't unusual for her to say her tummy hurts. I kept asking if she felt sick and she repeatedly said no. She's an optimist. I think she thought if she didn't admit it, she wouldn't get sick. So, we went out with my parents and decided to have brunch at IHOP. It was going to be good. Long story short, Middle Girl got sick all the way to the bathroom at IHOP. It was bad. Later that day, she 'got sick' again. Both times, my mom was with her when 'it' happened. She was weak the rest of the day and laid around. I thought it was overwith, but was scared someone else might get it. Then, Wednesday came and went - my parents went home and as the day progressed, I wasn't feeling so great. The bug nailed me - full force. And much to my regret, it got my mom, too. It was a LONG night for me. Thursday was spent on the couch while I tried to take care of the Baby and Middle Girl. Firstborn was at school and Hubs went to work mid morning so it was not an easy day. Thinking we were okay since no one threw up Thursday, I was disappointed when I went to get the Baby Friday morning and she had done 'it' in the crib again. Saturday, Middle Girl did 'it' again. Sunday night, Firstborn really had it bad. I slept in her room all night with a mask on my face so I wouldn't breathe in any particals (gag me) while 'it' was going on. Monday, Firstborn rested all day and was very weak. Tuesday morning around 1am, Middle Child was at 'it' again. I could NOT believe it. Wednesday we were all feeling more normal and I was so very thankful. Then, Thursday morning came and the Baby and I were BOTH sick again. Hubs had to stay home from work for a few hours until I could get over the worst. All day the Baby was sick and by evening I was at my wit's end. By the grace of God {and a big pep talk from Hubs} I was able to overcome my drained emotions and lack of stamina and put on my big girl tiara and dealt with it head on. I was reminded that God's grace IS sufficient for me. And I needed it because Friday morning Hubs woke up very nauseated. He was in bed ALL DAY. Today, he is feeling better, but has no appetite. It took me 8 days to regain my appetite so needless to say, tomorrow will be the first day in 2 weeks that I've actually cooked something....that is - if we are all well.
We're pretty doggone sure we had/have the Norovirus. It is highly contagious and stays in the small intestine for approx 2 weeks (which is what we've experienced). I miss church. I miss normalcy. I spent an hour and a half at the Goodwill this afternoon - BY MYSELF - it was awesome. {And YES, I washed my hands with a Wet Ones wipey as soon as I got in the car and you-would-not-believe-how-dirty-it-was-when-I-got-through!!!!} I even broke my own cardinal rule and went to the Walmarts on a Saturday, thankyouverymuch. I was free for about two hours or so! It was lovely. So, hopefully, our turn with the sickness is over. I've quite frankly had enough of it for one lifetime. And I am greatly looking forward to getting back to church. Tomorrow we'll be attending church via internet with my sister and her fam. Their church is online LIVE every service so when I can't be at my church, I like to tune in to her church service where we usually catch a glimpse of her and her fam during the shaking hands part of the service....and my bro-in-law promptly sanitizes his hands after. Can't be too careful!
Some lessons I've learned about the Norovirus - and plan to always do from now on...
  • Sanitizer doesn't kill this virus. Only soap and water will wash it off your hands (won't kill it).
  • Wet Ones wipes WILL kill this virus and numerous other viruses. I vow to ALWAYS carry Wet Ones with me everywhere I go for wiping down surfaces, grocery cart handles, washing my hands in public, etc. etc.
  • Never touch your face. EVER. Merely wiping your eye or nose or mouth can throw you into the pit of this nasty virus. I will never touch my face with my hand again unless my hands have just been wiped. (And by the way - you wouldn't believe how itchy your face will be when you decide not to touch it.)
  • Clorox bleach will kill this virus and it is now a mandatory item under my kitchen counter - not just my laundry room. I've been wiping down every surface with bleach water for days. I know what harm bleach can do, but it's worth it to me not to have this virus again.

I've turned into Bob Wiley from 'What About Bob?' and I don't even care. Maybe I'll start a blog about the life of a germaphobe. Okay, maybe not.


Julie said...

I'll be in the nursery in the morning, so you won't see me on camera, but I'll tell the fam to wave!

Mandi said...

i would probably become a germaphobe after that experience too! i am so glad to hear that you are coming out of the worst of it! praying for you and amazed at your stamina! praise God!

Jennifer said...

oh girl...thats nasty :-) but your post made me smile and giggle just as I was feeling awful for you and your sweet family!!! Praying and hoping you are done with this nasty bug!!! Thanks for the tip about the wipes too!!!