Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Forward?

I don't about you, but I have never been a fan of 'Springing Forward'. I am a 'Fall Back' kind of person. Always have been. Just ask my family. It's no secret. I love sleep. Sleep is precious to me. Always has been. This was always chalked up to laziness in my younger years, but recently I found out that there is a medical reason that makes me need sleep more than the average person. I'm not lazy afterall. It is totally legit. Unfortunately, as a mom of the three cutest girls I ever laid eyes on, sleep isn't at the top of their priority list. The Baby (who isn't really a baby anymore, but I will continue to call her the baby because it's my prerogative) is a great sleeper. I love that. She asks to go to bed often. She's my kind of gal. Middle Girl is a pretty good sleeper, but is an early riser...very early riser. Lately, she's been rising before 6am. I'm not sure I knew what 'before 6am' looked like until I had my firstborn. I'm not a fan of 'before 6am'. She's been trained, though, to stay in her room until the sun comes up. First Born is now a good sleeper and also an early riser, but she never understood the concept of sleep until after her 2nd birthday. That was tough. Very tough. I lost a lot of sleep those two years. In fact, I think I am still trying to regain those hours I lost. But anyway, this whole 'Spring Forward' idea is the pits. I understand why it has to happen, but it doesn't make it any easier. I do wish that it was on a Friday night instead of a Saturday night, though. It is hard enough to get up early on a Sunday morning and be at church on time without robbing me of an hour the night before. That hour is crucial on a church night. But, I guess whoever made this rule didn't go to church on Sunday mornings...with children....and all their stuff that has to be taken with them. Oh well. I will get through it. And I'll be saying 'It's really only (insert previous hour) right now' for the next 6 months. But one positive thing about this is that the clock in my van will be accurate in the morning! I don't know how to change the clock so since last Fall Back, my clock has been one hour off. It will be nice to look at the clock and know it is finally the right time least for 6 months. And now, I must get to bed. I've stayed up too late already and I am already regretting this. Happy Spring Forward everyone.

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