Monday, May 3, 2010

Craft Therapy

Thanks to a company {that will remain nameless} not keeping up with their aircraft maintenance, my husband has been having to work many extra hours. This might not be a big deal to a normal family, but to three little girls that absolutely love their daddy {and REALLY miss him when he's not here}, 14 hour days & weekends are not fun. The emotional rollercoaster was really wild around here and I haven't even mentioned my own feelings about it. Let's not go there. So, to make time pass a little faster and to channel the emotional energy that three little girls generate, I had to get creative. I'm not a crafty person. I can sew. I enjoy it. But I only enjoy it when I'm in the mood to sew. I can't just sew on demand. My children, on the other hand, love crafts. My sister got all the crafty genes, so I only craft in desperate being alone with all three girls for numerous hours/days. Forseeing that it would be a very long, tiring weekend I made a trip to the Hobby Lobby. Really, the purpose was to get a couple things for a project the girls and I were making for their daddy's birthday which was this past Friday. But when I got there, I found a few other things that looked like fun things to do over the weekend. We found the stuff we were looking for for Hubs' gift and then began browsing the aisles {which can be very dangerous - too many great ideas and clearance deals!!}. I came across some clearanced canvas tote bags and thought they would be perfect for our many trips I have planned to the library this summer. Then, I realized canvases were on sale and I've been eyeing some canvas art for awhile now, but knew I would never pay the price asked when I could most likely do it myself. So, I put the canvas in my cart along with some paint and some other supplies I thought I'd need and we headed to the fabric department. Found the trim I needed to finish off an apron-dress I had made with some leftover fabric. Then, we decided to head home. These are the finished products....

Here are the girls' tote bags {not quite done, but they loved squirting paint all over them}

This is the apron-dress I made for my Middle Girl. I still need to add some big round buttons below the straps in front, but she likes it.

cowgirl apron flap - hence the name of the dress.

And here is my latest and greatest. This was my inspiration. I have been wanting to add more Scripture to our home in the form of art, and I am very pleased with the results {especially the way the letters are all different shapes/shades}.

I used:

18"x24" canvas

Barn Red acrylic paint (watered down just a little for the streak effect)

Chipboard lettering

Stencil Adhesive

I plan to do more of these in different sizes around the house. So easy and very affordable!


Julie said...

Love it all! Especially the art.

Ben and April said...

Cute idea with the bags!! I love the scripture art!