Friday, June 11, 2010

Fresh Air & Exercise

Hubs loves to hike. He loved it so much when he was a bachelor that he collected all the hiking/backpacking gear. Then, he met me. I enjoy being outdoors and a nice jaunt in the woods, but I am by no means a backpacker. And I don't camp. It's not my thing. I just do not enjoy the thought of sleeping in the wild where there are animals. And bugs. I remember camping out in the backyard in my brother's tent when we were younger and I have no desire to ever sleep in another tent. We would wake up and the whole tent stunk, not to mention the slightest move would make the tent 'roof' move and it would 'rain' on us from all the dew. Nope. I love my bed. And the fact that it doesn't matter if it rains or not while I sleep. I know I'll wake up dry and comfortable. Oh - and I'll get to have a warm shower the next morning. Not a cold one in a cement shower stall. That's too much like youth camp and I'm too old for that now. That said, we love going for day hikes. I'm all for that. It's getting easier now that our youngest is 2. We've been doing it quite a bit these last few weeks and it has been very much fun! The Biltmore House and Gardens is a great place for being outdoors and there is much to do and see. The girls love it there and we always take a picnic lunch. Last weekend, though, we went to the Carl Sandburg Home for the first time and walked around then had a picnic. It was fun and nice to be outside. We didn't tour the home, though - didn't seem like much and we really wanted to be outside. Here are a few pics from our day...
Maybe one day {when the girls are older - MUCH older} I might try camping in the wild. Part of me wonders if I could survive least the way Hubs likes to the Wild. Where you have to hike half a day to find a good spot, {while carrying all your stuff} then set up camp and rough it all night just to pack it all up and carry it all back to wherever it is you came from...and that's without a shower anywhere in sight. Ahhh me. Tell me.....where is the fun in that?? I didn't even mention three girlies tagging along begging to be carried, reminding us they're hungry every 10 minutes, and wondering when we are going to find a potty out there in the wild. I think I'll stick to day trips for now.

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