Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thinking outside the {macaroni & cheese} box

I've turned over a new leaf. I'm blazing a new trail! I'm changing our family's menu.... This is very exciting to me, but scary to Hubs. This type of change will be good for us and so far, I am absolutely loving it! I came to this decision because my metabolism found out how old this body is and decided to take a vacation. Or so it seems to my summer wardrobe. But that was just the motivation I needed to make some serious change around here. I love me some Chick-fil-a and apparently I was loving it just a little too much. Well, that along with soda and the occasional {okay, more than occasional} dessert. Not to mention, Hubs' love of ice cream and B1G1 Sonic shakes. I can't let him act alone on such things! So, I am determined to make some changes! So far, so good! Granted, this is only Day 4, but I am pretty motivated to stick with these major changes. Hubs and I are just sick of junk food. Although, I do crave Chick-fil-a in a big way, but that just reminds me that I'm normal.

So, to change, I've personally started a 14 day jumpstart with no sugar. That means no carbs, too, and hardly any dairy. I am feeling good and haven't had many cravings until today when I made my daughter a PB&J and I was tempted beyond belief to lick that yummy, sugary peanut butter off the knife. But I didn't. And I am proud of myself! But the changes won't stop after these 14 days. I'm determined to continue cooking yummy, healthy meals for dinner each night, choosing healthy lunch options and forcing this non-breakfast eater to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

Just thought I'd share with you a couple of delicious and healthy recipes that I've made this week. Super easy (I won't cook it if it's not easy.) and so yummy that I am envious of my husband who took the leftovers to work today. Never thought I'd be selfish about healthy food!

Last night, I made Jenny's Grilled Chicken Breast and it was the best chicken I've eaten in a long while. I even grilled it and usually that means it's blackened (aka. burned to death) because I have an insane dislike of raw chicken, but I did pretty good on this one!
I also made Roasted Garlic Lemon Broccoli and HELLO?! It was awesome!!! Yes, I used awesome to describe broccoli. Who knew?? Broccoli never tasted so good! You must try this. The family liked it, but Hubs still prefers steamed broccoli. I'm just glad he eats broccoli, so I will continue to make it the way he likes it and then make mine this way from now til forevermore. It is THAT good. I am thinking very seriously of making it again tonight with our dinner. Shhh....
I also made homemade Mac N Cheese for the fam who still loves their carbs, but I did not partake. I was too full from broccoli to even care that I was missing out on that cheesy goodness.

Today, I made a variation of homemade salsa to eat on top of my spring mix salad and black beans. Sorry I have no picture to share, but trust me, it was good. Here's how I made it...

1 Tomato, diced

1/2 c Red Onion, chopped

Fresh Cilantro, chopped

Chili Pepper, Salt and Pepper to taste

1 T Olive Oil

1/4 c Fresh Lemon Juice (Lime would be good here, but I didn't have one on hand.)

Mix it all up and EAT!

On an interesting note, did you know {according to The Ultimate Weight Solution}...

* Eating a second helping {200 calories} three times a week can add 9 pounds to your body in a year?
* Eating one glazed donut every day on your coffee break can add 22 pounds to your body in a year?
* Drinking a cup of whole milk twice a day instead of Skim Milk can add 13 pounds in a year??
* Drinking one regular soda a day versus diet soda can add 15 pounds in a year? (Not to mention, that raises your chance of Pancreatic Cancer by 75% or is it 87%, one of those??!!)

These are shocking to me! But even more than that. I have been really paying attention to sodium levels in foods and just today I realized that 1/4 teaspoon of table salt has 590 mg sodium in it! We should have a maximum of 1 tsp of salt per day. That really puts things in perspective for me. I am a salt lover, but for crying out loud...I will be seriously watching my salt intake from now on. I don't really know anyone that only uses 1/4 tsp of salt at a time. My Papaw used to make the holes in his salt shaker bigger because he loved salt and it just wasn't coming out fast enough for him. I'm with him on the salt - much prefer a salty snack to a sweet snack, but my salty days are dwindling down. Can you say water retention?
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Julie said...

I almost dripped my chocolate ice cream on the laptop while reading this. I'm glad that you're doing better than I am. It's killing me to cut back to one small dessert a day! You go girl!