Friday, August 27, 2010

2 weeks down....

My two big girls have been in school now for 2 weeks. It's been full of new experiences, excitement, long car lines, after-school snacks, homework and evenings full of complete exhaustion. I must admit I am enjoying being on a schedule again and I love my time with our youngest girl.

Middle Girl started Kindergarten this year....finally. It seemed to take forever in her little mind, so when the day finally came she was thrilled! Her favorite things about K5 (so far) are playing on the playground and seeing her BFF, Isabelle. For at least the past year, we've been telling her she'll learn how to read in Kindergarten. So, last week, nearly everyday she came home upset that 'They didn't teach me how to read!' I was cracking up. She is learning - she just doesn't know it. And then there's the daily BFF saga. I don't think a day has passed by that she hasn't asked or begged to go to Isabelle's house after school. She and Isabelle are in the same class and they have been buddies forever. They were born on the same day, in the same hospital room, just hours apart. The beginning of their lives was very opposite, but it has been a lot of fun seeing their friendship develop. I hope they are friends forever. Of course, Kindergarten is tiring for our girl who is used to having a nap or rest time everyday. She'll get used to it eventually.

Firstborn is going to a new school this year for 2nd grade. She LOVES it. Everyday she has been so excited about her day and looks forward to the next day. The first day she came home and said, 'My teacher is nice and kind and not bossy.' So, that was a good start to the year. She tells us about the kids in her class and all that goes on during the day. It's quite interesting. She is my studious child (let's hope it lasts!) and takes after her daddy. Schoolwork is fun to her and she learns very quickly. The fundraisers have already begun, if you can even believe it. She was gung-ho about it until she realized she doesn't get to keep the money....the school gets it. HA She is always looking for ways to make an easy dollar.

I've never been so happy for a weekend than I am right now. I love the schedule, but I am so tired. Homework is already killing me. I cannot believe how much homework my 2nd grader has. I guess it only gets worse from here. At least right now, it's pretty easy homework - just takes a long time. I'm glad she doesn't mind doing it, though.

And that is what we've been doing now for two solid weeks. Not much else. It's gonna be a great school year!

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