Friday, August 13, 2010

The Best Man

Hubs & his best man, Matt
Hubs has a friend whom he has considered his best friend since college. They were in aviation together in college and developed a great friendship. Actually, they had a group of friends. I met Hubs' friend, Matt, before I started dating Hubs. He was the kindest, most sincere friend to everyone he met. He was a southern boy. My first impression of him never changed. He loved to have a good time. And that's the way all the guys in the group were. When I started dating Hubs, I got to know Matt a little better. Although we didn't see him much due to living in different cities and then states, Hubs and he kept in touch every few months or so. You know guys. And 'the guys' (whom I kind of think of as a 'band of brothers') still keep in touch....not quite as often now that everyone has their own families, but the friendship is still strong. When Hubs and I got married, there was no question who would be Hubs' best man. All the guys were in each other's weddings and I just think that speaks volumes of the friendships they forged during those college years. A little over a year ago, Matt was diagnosed with cancer. Nothing helped to get rid of the cancer and today he passed away. I can't imagine the grief his wife and three little boys are experiencing, as well as, their families. But I know that he has never been better!! The Bible says that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. And I can just imagine Matt entering the gates of Heaven, being welcomed into the very presence of Jesus Christ, his Savior. And being surrounded by loved ones and friends he knew here on Earth. He is no longer suffering, but celebrating and worshipping at the feet of Jesus. I wish I could get a glimpse of that right now. My mind cannot comprehend the awesome moment of passing from this human life into the glorious realization that you've entered eternal life in Heaven. That's forever! I just cannot imagine it, but I know it will be the greatest moment one who knows Jesus Christ as their Savior could ever experience. That's where Matt is right now. He's only been there about 3 hours, but to him it probably seems so different. I wonder who he is talking to right now. Which hero of the Bible he's joking around with and talking to. I wonder if he's still bowing at the feet of Jesus and praising Him for His salvation. I wonder how many people he's told about his cute little boys and sweet wife and wishing they could know how happy he is. I would love to be there when he tells the story of his and Hubs' long roadtrip to Canada for their friend's wedding years ago. How hilarious that will be. He is probably in no hurry. He has all of eternity, afterall. I'm so thankful Hubs got to talk to him last week on the phone and tell him 'goodbye for now'. This story has a happy ending, though. We'll see him again. We have that hope of eternal life. And Heaven was made much sweeter today now that our dear friend is there waiting for us.
Matt being his jovial self!

Please keep his wife and boys and their families in your prayers. These are difficult days for them and my heart breaks for them. I know they appreciate your prayers.


Julie said...

Such a sweet tribute. We are definitely praying for them.

Bryan said...

Sad for us we cannot enjoy his jovial self any longer, but great for him to be in a much better place. Amy, thanks for that tribute. The mention of the Canada trip made me laugh I can still see Paul and him telling that story I laughed so hard I was sore the next day!
- Bryan

Ben and April said...

Very poignant and fitting, Amy! He was a wonderful guy!!