Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Family Tree

Hubs and I have really gotten into the show 'Who Do You Think You Are?' about celebrities finding out their genealogy and tracing it way back to reveal some very interesting and historical things. Starting Sunday, Hubs and I both began researching our families historys and have gotten quite a lot of information about where we came from. It's been so much fun. Almost too much fun. Every night since then, we have put the kids to bed and resumed our spots in the living room with our laptops and found more information. I can't even wait til after church when we get the girls to bed and we can research some more. Thanks to one of my dad's cousins, I was able to find a ton of information on his mother's side of the family dating back to 1755 in Ireland, which would be all the way back to my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather. On my dad's father's (Papaw's) side of the family, I can only get back to my Great Grandfather (born in 1884), so far. I am going to find more info on that side of the family. It's my mission. Then, my mom's side of the family had some more information that I could use to put the puzzle together. So, on my mom's father's side of the family I have traced back to my Great-Great-Great Grandfather (still trying to figure out dates on that). And on my mom's paternal grandmother's side of the family, I've gotten back to my Great-Great-Great Grandfather. Then, there's a gap of about 160 years and we found out these people descended from a couple born in Ireland around 1690 who then, travelled to NC about 1700 and settled there. I have to figure out this gap. It's going to drive me crazy until I do.

I've found some very interesting info that I think relates to this gap I just mentioned. If it's true, then, my Great-Great-Great Grandfather was fighting in the Civil War which started April 12, 1861. He was on the 1860 Census and was 30 years old at that time and in the same household with two other men who were not relatives of his. I found one of those names on a military list, as well as, what I believe might be my GGG Grandfather. According to the document, they were in the 2nd Regiment NC Infantry AKA 2nd Infantry Regiment State Troops. My GGG Grandfather's wife is listed on the 1860 Census as being 32 yrs old at the time and living with a man who was 26 (either a husband or brother) and a little girl, age 2. She and my GGG lived in the same city and I have more research to do to find out if these are indeed the people I'm looking for. And if so, when did they get married? It is very interesting getting all this info. I can't wait to find more.

Stay tuned. This is going to be a journey.

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