Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!

It is officially FALL!

Even though the weather is not cooperating. {It's 91 as I type.}

But FALL is in the air...and all of your local stores.

Today I decided to make my first batch of Pumpkin Bread....{dairy-/egg-free} so I can't wait to see how it turned out. The house sure smells good!
Later, I will be making Pumpkin Doughnuts {dairy-/egg-free, as well} which will be a first for me. I would not be making doughnuts if it weren't for my sweet middle child. Her class is having doughnuts as a treat on Friday and so I want her to be able to participate and have her own kind. She deals with food allergies, so she cannot have just any ol' doughnut. Hers are created very special just for her! I hope she likes them!And if you're looking for a yummy Fall-type meal to make, try out my bro-in-law's yummy Italian soup {that my sister named, 'Yes, I'll fly with you to Italy for the weekend' soup}. It's delish. I made it Sunday and it hit the spot! Pair it with Pioneer Woman's 'THE Bread' and you'll have yourself a full belly.

Happy Fall Y'all!


Ben and April said...

That soups sounds wonderful, will def. be making it soon! Thanks for sharing. It looks like next week our fall may start to come in : )

Julie said...

Time for me to make some more soup, too. And I want that pumpkin donut recipe!