Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm a real winner...

Really. I am. I enter lots of blog giveaways (whenever I am thinking about it and have the time) and I've won lots of stuff. In the past 2-3 weeks, I have won around $150 in gift cards. And I have spent half of them on Christmas gifts. The other half, I either haven't gotten in the mail yet or haven't decided what to buy on my Christmas list. Today I've entered several giveaways. One is posted on the previous post on my blog today. The other is for a new laptop. You can enter that one, too! It's at the top right of this blog. Just click the button and follow the instructions.

Giveaways are fun! And so worth it!! Don't expect to win right off the bat, but you never know! In the past year, I've won gift cards, an outfit from Ralph Lauren for my daughter, Gourmet food products, clothing, a gorgeous red pitcher, etc. I think I've forgotten something else, but it's been fun! People are giving great stuff away....they might as well give it to me!

Have fun!

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