Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Week Full of my children

I decided to show you pictures of my week. A picture is worth a thousand words, you know, and I'm still trying to find words to describe some of my children's art this week. So, here you go.
On Monday, I was helping #2 clean up her room and found this lovely piece of art drawn solely by my little budding artist. I'll never be able to forget about this piece of work ~ it's drawn on her bookshelf ~ in ink. Where she found a pen, I will never know.

#1 brought this cute cat home on Tuesday! She drew it all by herself! I think she did a great job. Hers was picked to be on display somewhere at school. Very cute. The only cat I will ever allow in my house.
Ever seen a One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater? Well, you have now! #1 made this in her art class at school and brought it home on Tuesday. I thought it was very clever. And cute. But I am having trouble getting that song out of my head! These were taken just hours after we found cooked spaghetti noodles in #2's bedroom, strung all over the place. I didn't have the mental capacity or the humor to take a picture of that at the time.

#2 & #3 decided to display their mad art skills Wednesday night just before we left for church....It would have been lovely ~ had it not been on #1's bed sheets. I'm still trying to process this one.


Julie said...

Sounds like the kind of day I had the other day. Must be a conspiracy among the cousins.

Ice-Family said...

Oh dear!! I'm guessing that child #2 and #3 will not be getting an art supply kit for Christmas!?!??! :)