Saturday, November 20, 2010

The year we broke our own rule.

Hubs and I {by only a tad bit of persuasion on my part} broke our cardinal Holiday rule. We put up our Christmas tree tonight. BEFORE Thanksgiving! Yes, I know Thanksgiving is the next holiday and one should not skip the holiday due to unbridled excitement about the following holiday that involves lots of red, the fresh scent of pine, wrapping paper galore and my treasured Fontanini nativity set. But I am here to tell you we are downright excited about both holidays around this house. I really don't know what has come over me - the fact that stores began putting out Christmas decor before they could even get the last candy corns off the shelves or the fact that our local radio station has been playing Christmas music for a good week (or longer) now or that my children, especially my 2 and half year old, are beyond excited this year and their excitement has rubbed off on me. But for whatever reason, we are excited with a capital E!! I'm ready. This is my favorite time of year (minus cold weather and naked trees) and by golly we are going to enjoy every minute of it this year...even before Thanksgiving. I've been working on Christmas projects today and love what I've gotten done so far. Still have more to do, but I'm in no hurry. I don't have all of my decorations out yet. In fact, I haven't put up the dining room tree which happens to be in the front of the house. I wouldn't want the neighbors to talk, you know. Our family tree is in the back of the house and we have no neighbors behind us. The front tree will go up before Thanksgiving, but I may not turn on the lights til after. The mantel still needs to be done, several other things put up, the front door wreath needs to be changed for Christmas and this year we are even doing outside lights. The kids will love it. So, we aren't entirely crazy, just a little bit. I'll post a few pics of my fun projects once I get them done. So, when do you put your tree up?

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