Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Art

This year I was inspired to make some Christmas art for my home. I love Red Letter Words and all the great prints she does, but I am not in a position to spend that much on art at this point in my budget. {Especially when I can copy it for a fraction of the cost.} So, I decided to make a fun one for my black and white half-bath downstairs in my home and what better color is there than RED for Christmas stuff?

The inspiration

I bought a 20x20 canvas from the Hobby Lobby. Painted it with a glossy red acrylic paint using a cheap bristle paint brush from the Walmarts. Let it dry. Then, measured and taped off the guidelines for each row. Finally, I took a smaller brush {actually it's my Hubs' brush that he uses for wood glue - Shhh...don't tell him. I cleaned it off really good} and painted the names of the reindeer. {Don't you think the reindeer get overshadowed by the big, jolly guy?} Freehand. That explains the not-so-crisp look of the letters. I like it, though. And now it hangs above the porcelain throne in the half-bath.

The amateur result

I have plans for another canvas for my mantle reminding us of the REAL reason we celebrate this joyful holiday! You'll see that later.