Friday, December 31, 2010

I resolve...

to set one goal per month in 2011.

{maybe more often, if I am feeling ambitious -which isn't likely}

And I will accomplish that goal.

I will spend more quality time with my kids. Training them how to do domestic things like cleaning this house they live in, washing and drying dishes the right way, cleaning out the car, etc.

I {might} even do a few crafty things with them.

We will go places. Explore. Have picnics. And laugh a lot.

I will try new recipes. And my family will be the guinea pigs. The children will gag and Hubs will examine each new dish with a magnifying glass, but I will find some new dishes the whole fam can love. Oh yes I will.

I will {try to} be more organized. I type this while thinking of all the new toys {with tiny pieces} that the girls got for Christmas. We will be organized. We will be organized. We will be organized. Repeat.

There will be things I will go through this year that I cannot plan for. Trials, disappointment, heartache always get mixed in somehow. But I will trust in the Lord. His mercy will be new every morning. I will remember His faithfulness. I will recognize His unfailing love. I will not forget His goodness to me and my family. His grace will be sufficient. And He will carry me through. He always does.

I'm looking forward to this new year! A fresh start! A clean slate! It's going to be GREAT!

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