Friday, December 17, 2010

My Future's So Bright....I Gotta Wear Shades

I have been thinking a lot about how prayer affects our lives. I know firsthand that it is powerful. I know from experience that praying as a group of Believers for a specific request is pleasing to God and He hears those prayers and delights in answering them. I know that sometimes I don't even know what to pray because I'm overwhelmed by a circumstance and the Holy Spirit Himself intercedes on my behalf and prays to God the Father my heart's inaudible cry. And He hears. And answers. I know that God answers every prayer according to His will and I try to always pray 'according to His will' knowing that He can already see what my blinded eyes cannot. He has my very best interest at heart.{My parents have taught me this my whole life.} And I believe that. There isn't a need in my life that He cannot meet. There is no battle He cannot win. No enemy that He cannot defeat. No trial He cannot see me through...and make me stronger as a result.
Recently, the transmission went out in my van and we were down to one vehicle {which isn't necessarily a bad thing} but the timing seemed terrible. Just two days before Thanksgiving and we were suppose to drive that van out of town. Hubs and I were a little bit discouraged, but decided to just pray and ask God to meet our need. We planned to keep it to ourselves and not tell people about it unless it became necessary, but just wanted to see God provide - as He has promised. It took nearly two weeks to get the van done because of the holiday and some minor details, but the day after the transmission went out {the day before Thanksgiving}, Hubs was going to have to work late and get his vehicle road-ready for our trip. The Lord laid it on someone's heart to have the work done for him on his van and he did not have to stay late or pay for the work. What a blessing that was! And something we had not even asked Him to do for us!! We were content to handle it on our own, but God decided to bless us unexpectedly. Later, when our van was finally going to be done, we had decided how we were going to pay for the transmission and AGAIN! the Lord met our need exceeding abundantly above what we expected Him to do. What a tremendous blessing to be a recipient of the pouring out of God's love and faithful provision! That was a huge burden lifted off of our shoulders even though we were purposefully trying not to fret over it. I cannot even express the joy and thankfulness I have over all that God has done for me and my family. He is so good to me.
Without trials, I would not recognize His grace. Without heartache and grief, I could not experience His comfort. Were it not for needs {financial, physical, emotional}, I would not know The Provider. Because of my weakness, I know His strength. Because of my sin, I have met the Saviour. Because of His Word, I have knowledge, my eyes are enlightened and my path is lit. My future is bright and full of hope!

PS - the Lord keeps providing by way of giveaways! Since my last post about giveaways, I have won 2 more!!! (worth over $100)


Julie said...

So sweet & so true.

Ice-Family said...

Such an awesome post! Esp loved the last paragraph! VERY well stated!