Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Year-Round Wreath

First try at the monogrammed wreath

I have been using the same wreath for over a year now on my front door. It's the BEST wreath ever. {In my opinion.} I first found it on The Nester's Blog which you can find in the righthand margin and adapted it to my liking. I love it because it is monogrammed and I just happened to have had a big 'M' laying around here that I had bought at TJ Maxx years ago because I knew it would come in handy....and it did. Here is my first post about the wreath sometime last year.

Wreath from this Fall {cell phone pic = way too bright}

You just take a large grapevine wreath and one the next size smaller, wire the smaller one to the front of the larger one and then add your stuff! I put my big 'M' right in the middle {after I spray painted it silver} and attached it with clear fishing wire. That baby is tied on there pretty tight and you can't even tell. Next, you add the greenery that you love and then flower or whathaveyou and hang it on your door. I hung mine from a wide wire-rimmed ribbon that I nailed into the top of my door. I'm not crazy about metal wreath hangers because they tend to scratch the paint off the door. This ribbon has been hanging there over a year and is still going strong. {Keep in mind that my door is covered by the roof of my porch, so you may need to use waterproof stuff if yours is out in the open.} I have changed out the floral stuff on my wreath for each season and just left the rest of it. It's like a 1-minute makeover for the front door.

Christmas Wreath 2010
{Walmart has these GREAT clip-on poinsettas for $1 each!!!}

I plan on keeping this wreath up forever....or until I find something else I love, but this does it for me....for now.

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Ice-Family said...

Two great posts Amy!! You are miss Crafty herself!!! Love, love, love your door arrangements and would love to make one too but not sure it would look quite as cute and prof as yours does!! And Love the chalkboard frame!!! Have thought about doing that before but it's always stayed there as a thought! Glad you found what you were looking for. It looks great!!