Friday, February 25, 2011

Official Ottoman Review

It's here!! I got it on the 23rd. (My sister got hers on the 22nd, but I'll try not to be bitter.) It arrived in a big ol' box and as soon as I saw it I was so thankful to have gotten free shipping!! The setup was so easy. Open box. Take it out of box. Take wrapping off. Screw the cute, stylish bun feet on and voila! It is ready.

My children were chomping at the bit to be able to break it in. They immediately piled on top of it (I'm so very thankful it's sturdy!! I don't have to worry about it getting messed up.) and now they race to claim it first to lay on it and watch TV. When the kids go to bed, it's all mine. I love being able to sit anywhere on the big sectional and still have a soft, comfy (yet sturdy) place to put my feet up comfortably. It's the perfect height for our couch. I can even sit a glass on it and it won't tip over (unless, of course, children are present). But I plan to use a serving tray to sit my sweet tea on from time to time instead of sitting it directly on the ottoman.

The storage! What can I say about the storage except that it's so nice and deep enough to hold all of our blankets that were sprawled all over the living room at any given time of day. They are neatly tucked in and hidden now and I LOVE that.

This ottoman was the perfect addition to our living room. I'm so happy that Hubs found this on!! We've been searching for ottomans for over a year and this one is perfect. I recommend this product to everyone!!


Julie said...

Looks great! I'll be posting about mine soon!

The Barkers said...

Love this! It looks great!