Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with all of these wonderful people. My family.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Dreaming...

of a week-long beach vacation. Better get busy planning!

Spring Break!

It's Spring Break for both of my girls {who are at two different schools} and we are having a ball so far. I can't tell you how much difference 20 more minutes of sleep in the morning makes for me because 1) I've never been a morning person {just ask my parents about my school days} 2) I would love to be a morning person, but again - it just ain't happenin', and 3) not setting the alarm clock and having to hit the snooze 3 times is just simply wonderful. I am not a fan of alarm clocks. Never have been. Never will be.
Anyway, Monday we got up at leisure, had a lazy, non-rushed breakfast. Then, we had a great little outing to our local library. The girls had so much fun and it we went early enough so that it wasn't busy. My oldest daughter is an avid reader {I'm so happy about that!} and she is now old enough to get books from the older kids' section. She was like a kid in a candy store and ended up getting 6 books to read. She already finished one today and has started 2 others. My middle child checked out some EZ Readers since she is just learning to read and so far she is enjoying those. And my youngest just had fun playing on the computers and socializing with some other young children that were there.
Today was lots of fun, too, just going to the zoo with a bunch of friends. There were 19 kids/6 moms and it was a blast. Apparently, most of our city was there, too. I got there a few minutes before the zoo opened and immediately saw bus after bus of daycares and daycamp kids coming in. It was crazy! I've never seen our little zoo so packed. We ended up playing on the playground first and the kids loved it. So, by the time we got into the zoo, the crowd had already gone ahead of us. Afterward, we had a picnic and more playtime on the playground. The girls were exhausted when we got home, but it sure was fun to get out and play with friends.
Lots more excitement is planned for the rest of the week/weekend with Easter coming up, so it looks like this Spring Break is going to be a success.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's my birthday and I'll celebrate all weekend if I want to.

So, Thursday, I turned another year older. I'm not ashamed to say I'm now 35. I think it's incredible that I've survived 35 years without any major mishaps. {Except when I was 10 and the neighbor boy ran over my arm with his bike and I was in a cast for weeks with my arm bent at 90 degrees and itching. Oh, the itching.} I love birthdays and this one was no exception. My children and husband all greeted me with the expected 'Happy Birthday!' that morning and it only got better from there. I wasn't feeling the greatest because of a head cold, but that didn't stop me from living it up! On my way to take my middle girl to school, my parents called on speakerphone to wish me a Happy Birthday. That is something I look forward to every year. I love for my family to call and wish me birthday greetings. My granddaddy used to do this every.single.year. while he was alive and I still miss that 4 years later. I always will. But my parents made me feel loved and especially young when they reminded me that my older sister was in 8th grade when they were 35. My oldest is in 2nd grade. I'm old. I'm an old fogie. But what am I to do about it? Wrinkle cream and hair dye will soon be my friends. {Okay, wrinkle cream has been my friend for a long time already.} Oh well. I just told them I was going to live it up all day long. And my dad told me to live everyday like it's my birthday and just live it up. I think that's great, practical advice. Words to live by. After I dropped my girl off at school my 'baby' and I took a little drive to the Chick-fil-A for free breakfast {I love our Chick-fil-A's here. They are always doing things for the community and giving away free food.}. Then, we headed to Wal-Mart to look around. My sweet, precious Mamaw had sent me a gift card to Wal-Mart for my bday and it was burning a hole in my pocketbook. Not long after I got home, one of my sweetest friends called me and told me she'd left a 'little something' on my doorstep. You know I promptly went to the door and there was a large Dunkin Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee with a gift. She is a bosom friend. Anyone that drives 25 minutes to your house at that time of day with 3 little girls in tow just to make you feel special on your birthday is a bosom friend. {Let me just take a second to say right here and right now, there is practically no better way to start your day!} My sister called me and my brother texted me birthday greetings. Funny thing was my brother had texted me 2 days earlier. He was confused on the date. Who's the old one here? Huh? Another one of my dear friends brought me a gift later in carline. {She sacrificed some precious sleep time and got up early to text me 'Happy Birthday'. What a GREAT friend!} She's funny, crazy and loves the Lord. She's also an instigator and a daredevil, but we won't talk about that. That's for another time. {hee hee} We've been friends only since our daughters were born on the same day 5 1/2 years ago, but I feel like I've known her forever. She is a servant and is always willing to help me out and pretends like she's happy to watch my kids for the hundredth time this year every time I ask. Later, Hubs came home with an ice cream cake. It was Y to the U to the M-M-Y. I made an allergy-free ice cream cake for my girl who is allergic to milk and it was also delicious. And genius, if you ask me. Oh, you didn't ask me? Sorry. If you want the recipe you can get it here. The Hubster and the three little girls that have him wrapped around their little fingers, surprised me with a pretty dress {and it was the right size!} that I didn't know I was getting. I had already picked out my gifts with Hubs a few nights before so I didn't know I would get another one. He loves me. What can I say? He assured me the surprise gift had nothing to do with him having to buy some new camping supplies for his backpacking excursion next weekend. =) Then, to finish off the night, another of my favorite friends left a gift for me on my doorstep. She's been my friend for nearly 12 years. We have been through some d-r-a-m-a together, letmetellyou. It has been an interesting 12 years, but so full of fun and spontaneity. That's the kind of friend she is. Spontaneous and fun. And loyal. Very loyal. God crossed our paths at just the right time in our single days and we had so much fun together. We don't get together as often these days {even though we only live 1/4 mile away from each other}, but when we do we pick right up where we left off. She's that kind of friend. I'm so lucky. But really, luck has nothing to do with it. It's all been orchestrated by God. He loved me enough to put me in the greatest, funnest (just go with it), most loving family ever. He also directed my path so that I would meet the kindest, most genuine friends a person could ever have. And He lead me to a wonderful church where I would later meet my husband. Now He has blessed us with our 3 cute little girls. Life is crazy, but it is very good. God has been so good to me. And this isn't even the rest of the story. For now, I'm outta here to continue celebrating. {And blowing my nose, and coughing my head off.}

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sewing Machine Woes - Part two

So, Hubs came home last night and after dinner decided to check out my sewing machine. He is awesome at trouble-shooting and can fix anything, but this had him stumped. Frustrated, even. We had out the manual (that I bought last time this happened since I couldn't find my real one) on the computer, the machine was opened up and taken apart. Let's just say I'd rather not relive last night. Even if that means buying a new sewing machine. It was ugly. A couple hours worth of hating the sewing machine. Somehow, it righted itself and began to work. Was it worth it? Read on. So, today I reluctantly went back to the sewing machine to see if I could finish my project and lo, and behold, it worked. I was able to finish the entire project and as soon as I finished my last stitch, the bobbin ran out again. If you read yesterday's post, you know what that means. Here we go again. So, I promptly put my stuff away and walked away. I will not look at it again today. I might even pack it up and completely put it all away again to sit for months and months. I'm not sure. But anyway, this is what I was working on:

I have altered the sleeves since this pic was taken. The shoulders are thinner now and it fits her much better! (See pic below)

I love it! It turned out better than I expected. It even fits my girl pretty well. I surprised myself. But this is where I got the idea and instructions. You should check out her website. Very cute, creative tutorials. If you're into sewing or crafting. This dress caught my eye and I already had the fabric to use so I did it. Really it should only take about an hour start to finish, unless you have sewing machine issues.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Stifled Creativity

Ok, so I finally {after months and months of feeling absolutely no creativity whatsoever} I decided today to dust off the old sewing machine. I pulled it out from under the desk where it's been sitting for a very long time, and took it to the dining room after I had rummaged through the linen closet for the fabric I was looking for. I got it all set up and cut out my fabric. I mean I was ready to sew, people. I turned on the machine, threaded it and {while holding my breath} began to stitch. You see, this machine has the ability to frustrate me half.to.death. Sometimes is works great and then as soon as I run out of bobbin thread, it is completely and utterly useless. The thread gets all jammed up under the presser foot and for hours it {and I} acts ridiculous trying to get the thing to work right again....right in the middle of my project {that should only take half an hour to complete}. The last time it did this, I spent hours trying to figure it out. I was angry. And then, Hubs convinced me to let him look at it {he is a mechanic afterall...not on sewing machines - but planes}. He fixed it in 5 minutes. I was grateful and mad at the same time. So, this time I decided it was not going to get the best of me. I would not get angry no matter what. Well, I can say that now 3 hours later, it is still broken. I'm about ready to drop-kick it over the fence out back. So, I texted Hubs and told him so. He texted back that he will look at it when he gets home. Meanwhile, I am browsing craigslist for a new machine. I'm sick of being treated this way by my old machine. It's only 10 years old, what's it's problem?? Stay tuned...

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Week

  1. It rained for days. And it was cold. So, I baked things like this and made this. And ate them.

  2. I vacuumed and swept the kitchen floor countless times. Come to think of it, I need to do it again.

  3. I read a great book by Karen Kingsbury. It was wonderful. I plan to hunt down the rest of this series tomorrow in our county libraries. I must finish this series or I will not be able to rest.

  4. I spent umpteen million hours (okay, really only 8 1/2 hours) in car lines this week. Next year, I'm thankful my girls will be at the same school. (Woot Woot!! Raise the Roof!) Cuts my time down to 2 hours per week! Yippee!!

  5. Our pastor has been preaching an excellent series on Wednesday nights about Renewing Biblical Christianity. Ever wonder why Christians do what they do? Why do YOU do/think the way you do? Unfortunately, it's not on sermon audio, but my dad is preaching a similar series at his church called 'Rediscovering the Articles of the Faith' and you can find those lessons here. Excellent series that every Believer ought to think about.

  6. Tonight we are watching this movie! The girls don't know it, yet, but they will be so excited. We haven't seen it yet, but have heard good things. We love Family Movie Night at our house. When I was growing up, this was one of my favorite nights with my family. I loved hearing everyone laugh and enjoy movies together. (Because now we can still laugh together when my brother randomly quotes movie lines.)

  7. Lastly, I've (along with my whole family) been living in the midst of God's faithfulness each day and thanking Him for His goodness to me. I can praise Him that He is all-knowing, His timing is always perfect and His love is everlasting.

  8. Please pray for my dad as he is going through some rough days with his cancer. We are asking God to strengthen his body. Thank you for your prayers.