Friday, April 1, 2011

My Week

  1. It rained for days. And it was cold. So, I baked things like this and made this. And ate them.

  2. I vacuumed and swept the kitchen floor countless times. Come to think of it, I need to do it again.

  3. I read a great book by Karen Kingsbury. It was wonderful. I plan to hunt down the rest of this series tomorrow in our county libraries. I must finish this series or I will not be able to rest.

  4. I spent umpteen million hours (okay, really only 8 1/2 hours) in car lines this week. Next year, I'm thankful my girls will be at the same school. (Woot Woot!! Raise the Roof!) Cuts my time down to 2 hours per week! Yippee!!

  5. Our pastor has been preaching an excellent series on Wednesday nights about Renewing Biblical Christianity. Ever wonder why Christians do what they do? Why do YOU do/think the way you do? Unfortunately, it's not on sermon audio, but my dad is preaching a similar series at his church called 'Rediscovering the Articles of the Faith' and you can find those lessons here. Excellent series that every Believer ought to think about.

  6. Tonight we are watching this movie! The girls don't know it, yet, but they will be so excited. We haven't seen it yet, but have heard good things. We love Family Movie Night at our house. When I was growing up, this was one of my favorite nights with my family. I loved hearing everyone laugh and enjoy movies together. (Because now we can still laugh together when my brother randomly quotes movie lines.)

  7. Lastly, I've (along with my whole family) been living in the midst of God's faithfulness each day and thanking Him for His goodness to me. I can praise Him that He is all-knowing, His timing is always perfect and His love is everlasting.

  8. Please pray for my dad as he is going through some rough days with his cancer. We are asking God to strengthen his body. Thank you for your prayers.

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Julie said...

Sounds a whole lot like my week. Love the new banner!