Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break!

It's Spring Break for both of my girls {who are at two different schools} and we are having a ball so far. I can't tell you how much difference 20 more minutes of sleep in the morning makes for me because 1) I've never been a morning person {just ask my parents about my school days} 2) I would love to be a morning person, but again - it just ain't happenin', and 3) not setting the alarm clock and having to hit the snooze 3 times is just simply wonderful. I am not a fan of alarm clocks. Never have been. Never will be.
Anyway, Monday we got up at leisure, had a lazy, non-rushed breakfast. Then, we had a great little outing to our local library. The girls had so much fun and it we went early enough so that it wasn't busy. My oldest daughter is an avid reader {I'm so happy about that!} and she is now old enough to get books from the older kids' section. She was like a kid in a candy store and ended up getting 6 books to read. She already finished one today and has started 2 others. My middle child checked out some EZ Readers since she is just learning to read and so far she is enjoying those. And my youngest just had fun playing on the computers and socializing with some other young children that were there.
Today was lots of fun, too, just going to the zoo with a bunch of friends. There were 19 kids/6 moms and it was a blast. Apparently, most of our city was there, too. I got there a few minutes before the zoo opened and immediately saw bus after bus of daycares and daycamp kids coming in. It was crazy! I've never seen our little zoo so packed. We ended up playing on the playground first and the kids loved it. So, by the time we got into the zoo, the crowd had already gone ahead of us. Afterward, we had a picnic and more playtime on the playground. The girls were exhausted when we got home, but it sure was fun to get out and play with friends.
Lots more excitement is planned for the rest of the week/weekend with Easter coming up, so it looks like this Spring Break is going to be a success.

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