Monday, May 16, 2011

Yesterday was a great day. It started out like a normal Monday with the ever-so-unwelcome-and-rude-awakening by the alarm clock. You know how I hate alarm clocks. Yesterday was no different. Actually I had woken up at 5:30am thanks to motherly instinct. I just knew something was up and it turned out that our 3 year old's bedroom light was on. So I did what any normal mother would do and I woke Hubs up and said, "She has her light on!" as though it was an emergency. {Because everything is an emergency in the middle of the night. And yes, the middle of the night is anytime between the time I go to bed at night and the time I'm suppose to wake up.} And because he's not exactly coherent after being awakened from a deep sleep, he didn't think twice about it, and jumped out of bed to see what was going on. Turns out she couldn't find her little plastic Woody (Toy Story) ring. He found it for her and she went back to sleep after she blew him a big, loud kiss that sounds like "Mmwhaaaa!" An hour later we got up and went through the morning rush to get ready, make breakfast, dress kids, pack lunches, etc.
Once Hubs had left and the younger kids were fed, I got a very unusual burst of energy and did about a week's worth of chores in about 4 hours. It was awesome. Whatever it was, I need more of it. I did 4 complete loads (wash, dry, fold/put away) of laundry. Completely gutted and re-organized the laundry room (Hubs is making me a craft station in there!), decluttered the linen closet (major undertaking), reorganized the pantry (another major task), cleaned #1's pig sty, er, I mean room and then shampooed the whole upstairs carpet. (#1 would have had to clean her own room, but I needed to throw away and get rid of a lot of stuff in there while she was gone to school - and get everything off her floor so the carpet could be cleaned...she was completely shocked when she got home!) It was a very productive morning. My #2 & #3 girls played all day together...nicely...and that helped me get so much done. They are two peas in a silly pod, let me tell you. When they are together they are all about having fun and belly laughing. It is so fun to hear them play. Later we had a routine visit to the dentist for the big girls and #3 wore her fairy dress to the dentist. That brightened up everyone's day in the office. I didn't let her wear her plastic high heels for safety's sake, but I just love hearing the pitter patter of plastic high heels clanking along on my kitchen floor. It makes me smile and think of the days that me and my sister would dress up in my mom's old clothes (from the 70's). It was so much fun.

Today while I was shampooing the downstairs carpet, my youngest was following me along with her pretend vacuum. She loves helping me clean and I'm not about to discourage it...even if she is walking on the wet parts that shouldn't be walked on. That's not important and I'm trying to focus on what is really important. Quality time with my youngest who won't be this young for long is important. The carpet won't last nearly as long as the memories we share together and I want our memories to be fun and happy ones, not memories of me being frustrated over wet carpet. These days with my kids are very precious and I wouldn't trade them for anything. (Remind me of this in a few weeks when summer is in session and the kids are bored and fighting.)
Lastly, we have been so encouraged and challenged by the great truths and principles we're being taught at our church. These last several weeks have been great times of spiritual growth for us and I so appreciate being a part of a church that unashamedly preaches and teaches the truth of God's Word the way it is meant to be preached. We are so blessed to be in the church God has placed us in. We shared last night with our kids something we discussed in Sunday School on Sunday about making the right choices every day. It was so very practical and easy for even the children to understand and we have already seen them apply what they learned last night. It's very encouraging to us as parents when we see our kids learn to apply the truth of God's Word to their lives. That's what it's all about!

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