Monday, June 27, 2011


We were on vacation last week and it was great! We spent hours on the beach and swimming in the pools. That was our goal and we accomplished it. The girls loved every minute of it and they were totally worn out every night. We did other stuff, too.

Visited St. Augustine
Ate frozen custard

Played mini-golf

Went to see Cars 2 (we are big Mater fans!)

and rode a ferry
to tour this fort.

I'd say it was a pretty full week, but we feel rested and relaxed. Another great vacation and already looking forward to our next adventure...whatever that may be!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good Ol' Summertime

Where I live it has already felt like summer for over a month. HOT, humid, really hot are just a few adjectives I could use to describe what is making my hydrangeas droop out on the back patio. The girls and I have been having a big time already and school isn't even officially out until tomorrow at noon. But, we've had fun. Like today, for instance, we got up bright and early and got the big sister off to school. Then, C & A and I loaded up and took a little trip to the Dub-Ya (Wal-mart, Walmarts, Wally World, whatever you want to call it). I enjoyed walking around in the A/C while pushing the girls in the brand new kiddy cart...
We interrupt this blog post for an important, unpaid advertisement....the new kiddy carts at my Wal-mart are awe.some. They are not the normal 'race car' looking cart that are nearly impossible to steer. They are not the 2-seaters that leave the child practically hanging on for dear life. No, they are like a bench seat for 2. Plenty of room for them to sit comfortably without a big partition in the middle of them. And the best thing about them is that they are super easy to steer and push through crowded aisles. And you get a bonus workout just by pushing all that weight. Now, back to the regularly scheduled blog post.
Anyway, as I was saying, it's been an eventful day. After we got home and unloaded the groceries, I did some laundry and then it was time to go back out and pick up big sister from her 1/2 day of school. I might just shout hallelujah when I pick her up tomorrow from her last day of school. We have a lot of fun things planned for the summer, but we are looking forward to being able to relax a little bit, too. Big sister will be doing a math club and a reading club over the summer, middle sister will be doing a reading club and some unofficial math stuff and little sister will be along for the ride. We are all looking forward to a nice, relaxing family vacation, too. I think that may be the highlight of our summer.