Friday, July 1, 2011

Story Engineering: A Book Review

I recently read 'Story Engineering' by Larry Brooks for a book review for Thomas Nelson Publishers and it was really informative and full of helpful information. I like how he laid out the points in 6 steps. It made a lot of sense and reminded me of being in English class way back when. While I haven't attempted to write (to be published), I believe this method that Larry spells out for us in the book would be helpful and a good structure to follow. According to him, following his method for writing would leave out the need for drafting your story over and over, and would take you straight to the finish line. While that would be ideal, I am not sure everyone could do that. I did appreciate the six core concepts and liked the way he brought out each point. The explanations were sufficient, although I got a little overwhelmed with how it went on and on. I felt that with fewer words the same points could have been made.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and if I do ever try to write for publishing, I will definitely go back to this book for the help in getting there.

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